Taki Kenmochi The EASY WAY | Troublesome Neighbors | Cyberpunk 2077

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Taki Kenmochi The EASY WAY | Troublesome Neighbors | Cyberpunk 2077 – A quick Cyberpunk 2077 guide going over how to take out Toki Kenmochi using stealth and sneak for the Troublesome Neighbors mission in Cyberpunk 2077. In The Troublesome Neighbors you have two options one is to take out Taki Kenmochi using a full frontal attack and the other is to use a bit of stealth and sneak up on Taki. In this walkthrough of The Troublesome Neighbors mission I go over both techniques and then end it quickly so you can get back to Night City!

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11 thoughts on “Taki Kenmochi The EASY WAY | Troublesome Neighbors | Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Has anyone had the issue where Taki spawns inside the building with inoperable doors and blinders? I don’t think there’s a way in and she didn’t spawn at the pachinko parlor like she’s supposed to

  2. I can't finish the quest, im locked out. I was exploring around the map doing random stuff and ambushing gangs when i took her down without knowing who she was. At some point i had a failure notification, i was like wtf is this?? I reloaded a previous save then managed to find the fixer car before the failure. I looked EVERYWHERE for HALF AN HOUR for her fucking body to put in the trunk, i found every single one of her henchmen but not her. 30 minuts until i started having a headache just running in circle.

    I cant find her damn body because the quest marker only shows me the fixer car. Ive been googling around to reset NPC, duplicate her body, restart quest or whatever skyrim bullshit fix to no avail. Seems like im the only Cyberpunk player in the whole planet earth that like to explore the map and experienced a broken quest as a result=s. i didnt even get a notification when i took her down, she was no different from a random gangster. Now im afraid of moving around the city, i might break something.


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