Starfield vs Cyberpunk 2077 – Which Game is Better? (No Spoilers Comparison)

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Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077 are the two biggest sci-fi RPGs released in the last few years. But if I had to play only one of them – which one would I choose? That’s what we’ll be exploring today. In this video, we’re going to compare the gameplay, exploration, immersion factor and quests from these two games. I’ll also be vague posting about each game’s story to avoid spoilers to the best of my ability – while still comparing the writing quality.



0:00 Introduction
0:34 Combat
6:29 Exploration and Immersion
10:15 Quests and Storytelling
13:45 Final Verdict: Which Game is Better?




32 thoughts on “Starfield vs Cyberpunk 2077 – Which Game is Better? (No Spoilers Comparison)”

  1. I don't understand the caparisons this past week. I think it's was introduced by some troll that wanted to take attention away from just how much of a complete rip off starfield is and how terribly fooled most should feel that it's really just a F4 skinjob. This was done cause when Cyberpunk was released it had a long maybe year of terrible bugs but not as much with the PC. I've played and replayed Cpunk and it's a very very stable game. Even on my aging PC. So I think it's not really a game to compare. Maybe compare F4 to Starfield in detail. Now THAT would be a truth bomb worth watching.

  2. Cyberpunk was a thrill to play on day 1 when it came out. Everything about it was standout and bear expectations on the PC at the time. Regardless of what many review outlets stated, I had no bugs aside from 1 crash due to my own PC updating in the background. Beautiful concept and engaging story. Stanfield is a literal snoorefest in comparison, it was by far the least interesting modern game I've played – and I've played Lawnmower Simulator on ps5.

  3. Fair and pretty much spot on. That part, when you get to see Johnny in action for the first time, is something I've reloaded multiple times just for the fun of that. There's actually more of those parts like this and not just for Johnny… Hacking is basically a God Mode and slicing and dicing is just perfect for me. Gunplay, too. Starfield is just boring for me. It's like they've learned nothing and didn't see what other games did good or bad over the years and just make it better than any competition in comparison. Starfield is overall just dated to me. This game would be much better if it actually came out maybe two or three years after Fallout 4. Or if they've just focused on Starfield instead of Fallout 76… My opinion.

  4. Cyberpunk by Miles and it's not even close… And we're about to get cyberpunk 2.0!

    And oh my God the story The companions, side characters all destroy the ones in starfield.

    The graphics and character models my God some of these characters are still uncanny valley… Why does Bethesda still have the same character models from fallout.

  5. I hate these kinds of videos so much, no one can tell YOU which game is better, this is all subjective and videos like this are made simply to profit off people emotional attachment to either title, getting people to then attack each other in the comment section drive up engagement and views.

  6. Cyberpunk all day and BGS fan, the world of CP2077 is just so amazing. I can just walk around and be an NPC. But I’m super excited for Starfield will become over the years with mods or expansions.

  7. I like Starfield better for one reason. It didn't kill me within 1 hour of starting the game. I'm lousy at shooting, and I died during my first real mission in Cyberpunk, while I survived the first encounter with shooting enemies in Starfield. Might speak more of my lack of skill than anything else perhaps. 🙂

  8. Whats funny is that Bethesda has been making games with gunfights for 20 YEARS. And Cyberpunk was literally the studio's first game ever with guns. And yet ive found Cyberpunk better in every aspect, weapons variety, reload animations, weapons design, the feeling of the guns. And also how when you shot someone with a shotgun you see his leg or arm fly in the air, or blowing his head in a 100 pieced whereas Starfield has none of tha, there is barely any damages on the ennemies

  9. I love Starfield and there are probably more hours' worth of gameplay in Starfield than Cyberpunk.


    Cyberpunk immersed me more than any game ever has. And it's probably my favorite game of all time because of the immersion, not to mention incredible characters.

  10. We get it dan you dont like bethesda games.
    The side quest alone in starfield ive done beat anything base game at release cyberpunk offered. Its not even close.
    Bethesda released a full playable game at launch. With just as good graphics and gameplay if not better, in most cases it is better. My system doesnt run nearly as hard running Starfield as it tried to run cyberpunk. No crashes from Starfield but countless on cyberpunk. Cyberpunk was empty and boring in the base game. They needed how many updates and dlcs to make this game even comparable to Starfield? I could go on and on. But Yeah ok lol cyberpunk lolol

  11. I really cared about V and Johnny in Cyberpunk 2077. It was one hell of a story with great writing. Despite all its flaws and all the crashes I had to endure, it was able to hook me until the very end. I don't care shit about the random guy I created in Starfield and don't really care much about the quests either so far. I'm trying so hard to continue playing, but Starfield is just like an PS3/Xbox 360 game that you forgot to play back in 2010s. It doesn't feel like it's a modern game at all

  12. Hmm, I played Cyberpunk on X1S for a few hours before refunding, got it again (XSX) last year after the last Major update.
    Starfield is new and hasn't gotten Mods (xbox) but is already my favorite Bethesda game.

    They both match what i love about games But i know I'll plays Starfield fo hundreds of days. can't say the same of Cyberpunk, so Starfield wins because it will get a lot of DLC and Mod support


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