Should You Try Cyberpunk 2077 on Google Stadia Instead of PS4?

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Should You Try Cyberpunk 2077 on Google Stadia instead of PS4? In this video I test out the performance of Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia and showcase the differences between Stadia and the standard PS4 (not Pro or Slim). I discuss framerate, pop-ins, glitches and bugs too.

I hope this helps. Personally I had a much better experience on Google Stadia for Cyberpunk 2077 vs. PS4.

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44 thoughts on “Should You Try Cyberpunk 2077 on Google Stadia Instead of PS4?”

  1. Stadia seems like a viable option for people who don't have a lot of extra money for $500 toys but an occasional chunk of change for a game. I'll consider checking it out on Stadia, as I don't see it prudent to spend hundreds on something I don't need. Especially now that fiber internet is available in my area.
    I played the Immortals demo on Stadia, and it was a very enjoyable experience and noticeably better than a comparable service like PS Now.

  2. I recommend anyone who has above 35mbps internet speeds to force 4k streaming even if you have a 1080p screen. The difference is night and day and it essentially removes any sign of compression on both visuals and high frame rate modes.

    Edit: Download the chrome extension "stadia enhanced" to be able to do this.

  3. Due to not having a next gen console or a beast mode pc I checked out stadia. Grabbed 2077 for a £10 discount, a free month of pro and a free controller (controller is due to arrive by Monday)…been an awesome experience for hours so far

  4. I just knew this one was going to be problematic on PS4, didn't even bother, have only been playing on Stadia. LAN cable in the Chromecast ultra and it runs a treat. Once the Google TV Stadia App comes out it will be even better.

  5. I got a founders package from my job when we were doing a promotion for it. Played D2 on it and was extremely impressed by how it looked and ran and played. Never thought I'd use it again though because of the lack of games for it. Well I'll be playing CyberPunk tonight on it lol. I don't have a High End PC and only have a Pro and One X. Didn't think Stadia would be the second best place to play this game besides PC lol

  6. I am playing Stadia with my Samsung S10 mirroring to a Samsung TV, PS4 controller, and QC35 headphones. I wanted to play the PS4 version on PS5, but I don't want to pay $700+ for one.

  7. All of a sudden gamers are going to give stadia a chance… It's a shame it took this long. It's a shame there was so much hate towards it. It's a shame gamers need someone to tell them what's good and what's not good, and will bash something without ever first trying it themselves…

  8. Thanks for the comparison!! Stadia HAD a deal buy CP2077 get Premiere Edition of Stadia. Sadly they axed it days ahead of schedule. Here’s hoping that more games are going to have the higher quality on their streaming service. I think they need a major incentive to grab more console players and that could be it.

  9. well, you you don't need to love Stadia or like the idea of game streaming at all. But they actually did a really good job on the Stadia version. Even Digital foundry admitted this and they hate video game streaming as a standalone choice. They even go as far as to say its their third option alongside the PS5 to play CP77 after the XSX and the PC version of course. So gg actually for that. Of course ppl need a somehow reliable connection for Stadia to really shine, otherwise streaming doesn't make much sense.

  10. PS4 dude who got this game on stadia. No regrets for the service, but some of the bugs in the game itself are Hilarious. Played on this new patch, looked at my character in the mirror. Sure his pants are back, but his hairs gone😂😂

  11. Dude…. The gameplay difference from when you were shooting the cars was night and day. You were noticably more accurate with Stadia. I played the Xbox one (base) version of this game and it was incredibly difficult to land a shot because of the stuttering. It's rouuugghhh….

  12. I did it, and its really good. The only con: Customer service.
    got the bundle with the chromecast and the controler… but:

    -wrong address on the delivery package. Door number missing.

    -3 weeks waiting for a resolution.

    -4 chats, 2 phone calls, 7 hours wasted talking to you people to sort this out. Nothing happened.

    -Will reactivate original code to redeem again. Never happened.

    -Will send me a new one. Never happened

    -gave me a new one… invalid on my region.

    -will write me an email with a solution. Still waiting.
    -they will call me back with an answer… still waiting.

  13. The right way to compare them is with cromecast ultras as there much less latency as the controller goes straight to the servers with google controller and better quality unless u down google + extension force 4k if ur screen can handle it

  14. If your internet is fast enough and you play in your chrome browser, I can really recommend the browser extension stadia enhanced with that you can run it in 4k. The graphics will get better in general with that!


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