Starfield vs Cyberpunk 2077 Graphics & FPS Compared On Xbox Series S & How Well Does It Run & Look

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It’s a bit of an unusual video comparison this one, comparing Cyberpunk 2077 vs Starfield on the Xbox Series S – the older gaming have a couple of years of development & optimization, whereas the newer has only been out a few days when I record this video.
What I would say, is that although Starfield plays at around the 30fps mark, it is running very well for a new Bethesda Release, and I wouldn’t be surprised if over the next 6 months or so we see further improvement and even a 60fps “Performance Mode” just like Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series S.
The gameplay you’re seeing here in CP2077 running in standard mode, but I think because of the superior motion blur, it’s “around 30fps” performance does look better than Starfields.
Thanks, Rob.
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2 thoughts on “Starfield vs Cyberpunk 2077 Graphics & FPS Compared On Xbox Series S & How Well Does It Run & Look”

  1. the diferance between my series x and s consoles is crazy when u see them side by side but still amazing tht it runs it with a bit graphical downgrade. my i5 9600k and 3060 runs it good enough for me too lol phil spencer and tod howard said they dont want to compromise the imersion lighting and wouldnt be doing a 60 fps patch especialy for series s

  2. Seen an interesting article in Eurogamer I think. They specced a pc to equivalent of console hardware and tested Starfield on it at 60fps at 4k and 1440p. At 4k it would hit 60, but drop to around 35. At 1440p it would hit 60 but could get a solid 40. I'd be happy with 1080 at 60 and I dont understand why thats not possible in a game with so many loading screens.


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