Should You Buy Cyberpunk 2077 In 2021? (Review)

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Should you buy cyberpunk 2077 in 2021?

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most hyped games of last year but released in a absolutely tragic state.
Bugs plagued every corner and console performance was some of the worst i have ever seen.

This is my Cyberpunk 2077 review in 2021.

How could Cdprojekt red the developers of arguably the game of the generation The witcher 3 release an absolute broken mess of a game that required patch after patch to get working.

That was when Cyberpunk 2077 released initially but is Cyberpunk 2077 finally worth your cash in 2021?

Is Cyberpunk 2077 finally fixed after the latest’s updates and is it really worth your time in 2021?

We will be talking Narrative and gameplay

Welcome to classic game reviews where we go back in time and take a look at the games of the past and todays game is Cyberpunk 2077.

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0:44 Narrative
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30 thoughts on “Should You Buy Cyberpunk 2077 In 2021? (Review)”

  1. There's just so many things with this game.

    You summed it up when you said it's really a 20 hour game, the story isn't bad… And the game has some interesting characters..but it suffers from overreaching, it's clear this game was supposed to be much better and things were cut.

    I didn't get the whole " his a freak because his half machine", that wasn't explored..but sure maybe that's old news so fair enough, there just wasn't any deep connection to certain issues like I expected.. but they did a good job with Pam and side characters.. and some missions did ask some interesting questions.. well let me not say ask, more of it just told certsins.

    Combat is not the worst.. not the best.. but interesting enough.. man I could go on but I'm not here to do a review lol.

    This game really could have been something, at best 8/10, at worst.. well depends where you're playing.

    Did I enjoy this game… Yes? I did. Lol.. the story and gameplay was good enough. It had enough memorable moments for me to think fondly of it, some heart to heart moments.

    Anyways.. sorry for the long post, there's just a lot to say about this game.

    Ask per usual, good review

  2. Guys. I love CD projekt red as a developer….. i am playing cyberpunk 2077 on PS5…. As much as i love it i would NOT recommend purchasing this. Too many problems. Doesn’t even feel like it should’ve been released and i never had that feeling with any game before

  3. The game had (and has) it's problems, it's been on a hype train that started way too early for way too long, then switched to absolute hate-train after it was released. It was a buggy but beautiful mess (although I count myself among the very few who experienced only minor problems. With a PC that let me run it on high settings, no raytracing). I'm willing to say that no matter what the state of the game was, unless it was the second coming of christ in video game format, it would've been hated, and it's going to be a hill for me to die on.

    But even with it being buggy like hell, with combat system being less than what was promised and overall not revolutionary, with classic CDPR problem of the same character models walking all around – I still think it's a good game. The worldbuilding is at worst nice and at best – amazing. Main questline, for me, was a bit dissapointing, but all the accompanying character side-quests made up for it. The narrative themes are explored well, and the game asks a lot of tough questions and explores avenues not many did before.

    It's a shame that someone decided that 2020 would be the year of release and started that machine, undoubtedly leading to content being cut, people who actually work on the technical side suffering and the game being not just unpolished but more like cracked and damaged. And it's a shame because even if the DLC's do well, which I somewhat doubt, CDPR will most likely be more sceptical if they ever plan to return to Night City.

    Is the game worth buying now? The answer is a definitive "maybe". If you're looking for an action packed, futuristic shooter with RPG elements or another GTA – no. If you're looking for an amazing world to try and immerse yourself in and a nice bunch of riveting narratives to follow and explore – yes. I suppose only the future holds the answers to the question of "what CDPR learned from this experience?" and we shall see the first signs of what that answer is when/if they release additional content.

  4. well, i have an xbox one s, but i have a 4k 120hz tv. i bought it when it came out but returned it about 2 weeks afterwards. i bought a copy for about $20 on eBay yesterday. hopefully my tv makes it look good

  5. i played black desert online on console
    before playing this. thankfully i played for the first time this week, and ha. people think this is bad? imagine expecting bluescreens during competitve group pvp lul. if you look past the bugs, just make a lot of saves and if you have a bug, save and reload. but yeah i had a lot of “wtf is this” moments. coming from a day 1 base ps4 player.
    only thing i do hate. GIVE ME A DARN BARBERSHOP.
    not worth over $20. but well worth $20.

  6. I have 150 hours in it, I don’t analyze the game that deep. I enjoyed the game, I have an urge to go back and replay sometimes. I can’t do anything but recommend the game. 8/10.

  7. Good review. I think to some extent the bugs helped them out because people focused on that rather than the fundamental issues so it was nice to see you address them.

  8. I had fun while I played it but its been about 5 months and Its been uninstalled since. I will wait for new DLC or expansions before I think about revisiting it

  9. You should look up the circumstances for developers. The devs are definitely not to blame, the reason the Witcher 3 was so good was because the devs were treated well and there were no mandatory crunch times and it was promised that it would never happen because "other companies can be greedy, we are not" while with 2077 they were forced to lie to the public about what was and wasn't working, had mandatory crunch times for months and months with 6 day work weeks. they are the only ones who will lose something once the game is actually finished (they will be blamed and once they are fired for this even though it wasn't on them, it's on the director. And of course it's going to be hard to find another job after the worst launch in gaming history) In contrast the CEO/ director became a billionaire in 2020 and will recieve no repercussions in comparison.


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