Secret Events Happening During The Night Corp Conspiracy | Cyberpunk 2077

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Explore the dark mysteries of Cyberpunk 2077 as we delve into the Mr. Blue Eyes and Night Corp conspiracy. We’ll begin with a brief overview, highlighting how Sandra Dorsett’s kidnapping leads to the discovery of Night Corp’s mind-controlling AI, CN-07. Next, we’ll showcase new findings, including field operatives of Project CONDIN and secret Trauma Team experiments. We’ll also examine the theory that these operatives may be linked to Militech’s covert operations. Finally, we’ll discuss the enigmatic Mr. Blue Eyes and the financial aspects of Night Corp’s influence. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more insightful content.

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15 thoughts on “Secret Events Happening During The Night Corp Conspiracy | Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Just on side of video, you are first ever person i donated money on YT for making such a content, yes small amout but still i want to thank you for videos you make. They are absolute pure gold, i enjoy and lvoe all of them (related to cp2077 lore) that i can't help it and wanted to point it out. Hopep you continue and have a good day <3

  2. You know what mr. Blue eyes needs?
    A good soundtrack, like Gaunter Odim from Wi. 3 hearts of stone.
    The more clues i found and understood that he was the Devil.
    The more scary his melody got.
    Also interesting anecdote, in the Witcher 3, Gaunter o dim is also discribed as Master Mirror, or the Merchent of mirrors.
    In Witcher 3 he can also change his appearance, to manipullate peopel.

  3. I was shocked when i could turn the antenna near the truck, off before i had started the quest. No changes tho. You can turn it off before driving down the gate also. I always jump up and turn it off, and start to scan the van before driving down the gate.

  4. I don't think Mr. Blue Eyes is Fred just because the pic from the van shows a pretty substantial cybernetic on the right side of his head and his hair is different.
    On the topic of 'Bank', i mean we're dealing with AIs and Data manipulation…maybe it means Data Bank?

  5. I think Sandra's assault was an orchestrated hit by Night Corps to eliminate her after she discovered the truth. While NC conspiracy usually use Maelstrom, Royce was conducting his coup for control of the gang at the time. With their usual street-level operatives unavailable, the conspiracy hired a Scav gang as a cheap replacement. An act that would make their plans fail as a pair of mid-level mercenaries were capable of defeating the scavs and reaching Sandra before she died.

  6. At least some of those names are familiar to me. I think that at least one is connected to a scanner gig in southwest Santo Domingo. I haven't had the chance to confirm, but a cross-reference to these events in order.


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