Samurai – Full album – Vinyl (Cyberpunk 2077 band)

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I do not own any rights to the music.
I found every piece of Samurai music (and official covers) to create a complete album. I added few effects to give it the feeling of an actual album released on analog record. I hope it works well.

Check also extended version:


40 thoughts on “Samurai – Full album – Vinyl (Cyberpunk 2077 band)”

  1. I'm actaully more a fan of everything electronic music but SAMURAI is actually f*cking awesome! I usually listen to electronic rock like Celldweller for example but I do enjoy some pure rock as well. This game's soundtrack is one of THE best soundtracks for a game out there.

  2. Man, I've been listening to this album nearly everyday since I finished the game a few months ago, and I really hope CDPR work with Refused again for any future expansions and/or games. They've single handedly gotten me into this type of music, and I want to hear more from them.

  3. Well a lot of todays generation people will not figure out that the record player at the beginning is moving to the end position on the record. There the record is out and there you have to replace the needle at the beginning outside of the record or switch to the other side^^

    With best greetings from my Technics 1210 MK II, the 2x sinus 150 Watts stereo amplifier and my 2 studio horn speakers.

  4. I can honestly say I've never been affected emotionally by a game like I was by Cyberpunk 2077. Sure it has plenty of issues, but the story absolutely hit me in the feels. When Jackie died, and the epilogue if you choose Johnny, I (a 55 year old man) actually wept. Hearing these songs in this format brings those feelings back.

  5. What only 30 minutes, man those Grandpa bands are so Overrated! They barely had any Albums produced before they had to split and it was always because of some bitchy Girl Friend. Until the lead turned out Dead, it was always the same. Either Drugs, Suicide, Anarchy, guns and a bitchey GF.
    Laser PoP is so much better, it's made buy some Engrams all hooked up on psychedelics copping each others work over and over again in a wonderful endless stream of digits flowing throw the net like a river of sound that you could never tell when did the last song end and a new begone. As the same Art is rapidly repeated we grow accustom to it and know exactly what feelings it should invoke with us it's quality becomes irrelevant. The mere subjection that some Laser PoP song is bad, would revival how little do we understand the modern society and be rejected by it, as some one that just don't get it. Back in the days when you saw an Image on the Net everyone had to think and have a synaptic break down to invoke a unique set of feelings from it. So much easier now when we see a Meme we know exactly what we are suppose to be feeling and nothing else. I am so happy we stopped writing too long comments and simply use a single link to respond to things with a Meme now. It would be so much easier to express my self by just posting this instead:
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