Ricochet Is Easy Mode! | CYBERPUNK 2077

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Starter pistol challenge video

Gunslinger Build

Sound Cloud
(Side note. I made an album forever ago and I don’t think it’s that great anymore, but that’s there as well.)


11 thoughts on “Ricochet Is Easy Mode! | CYBERPUNK 2077”

  1. I never cared about ricochet, sounded like a lame ability, but after telling us it auto locks…. that is now a different story. Cheers for mentioning this, I will remember this for my next play through.

  2. Hey bro like the general audience im getting sick of the lack of content for cyberpunk, has anything changed recently? After the 1.5 patch?

    I know I could look this up but I'd rather someone give me a straighfoward answer instead of having to wait through a 15 min video or article.


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