Rav Reviews: Cyberpunk 2077 – The Most Overhyped Game of The Decade

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I review a cutting edge up to date trailer of the game that will change people’s lives forever, Cyberpunk2077

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41 thoughts on “Rav Reviews: Cyberpunk 2077 – The Most Overhyped Game of The Decade”

  1. Someone please tell me what's so "Revolutionary" in this game, seriously? it's just a far cry cyberpunk game with RPG mechanics.
    Like i'm talking about without the Glitches. It's an 8/10 game at best. Never ever did I see a game get this overhyped.

  2. The main problem for me is, that the game is such a drag to play. I have to force myself to play it. Which is a huge problem to have in any RPG game. Witcher as an example just wouldn't let you close the game. Skyrim does that perfectly too. You can sink hours into those games in a single day and you won't get bored.

  3. I’d work on your real voice. This robot thing ruins it. Also as you know, you can hear the cr1tical influence in the writing which I’m seeing adopted by a lot of people these days. Just add changes gradually I guess and you’ll find your perfect niche. You already have a successful channel so keep so yeah keep up the good work.


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