PS4 Base Open World Gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 (PlayStation 4)

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PS4 Base Open World Gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 (PlayStation 4). How the game looks in the Open World on PS4 Cyberpunk 2077. You can see Cyberpunk 2077 Open World PS4 Gameplay following this video guide. Cyberpunk 2077 is an action role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt Red.


40 thoughts on “PS4 Base Open World Gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 (PlayStation 4)”

  1. I mean, not to defend this, it does look like shit compared to what God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero dawn put on the table. And even non-first party titles like, say Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assassins Creed are just way ahead of what this looks like.

    But in all honesty, it doesn't look entirely like a lost case and the PS5 and XboxOneX version are actually looking okay. Nevertheless they really gotta solve the texture pop-in and solve the framerate issue to be a stable 30fps and then this will be a worthwhile title. (I already played through it. Did almost all sidequests and a bunch of box-ticking on the open world. So maybe 70 hours total playtime.) So if framerate and texture load-in gets fixed (and the bugs obviously), then it's an easy 8/10, not a masterpiece, not crap.

    What worries me more for ps4-version users, that some future CONTENT updates might not be made available for the last Gen Versions. Imagine stuff like Trauma Teams or actual AI for NPCs and Cars (and also motorbikes which are entirely missing from the streets, unless you're on one). AI is apparently heavy on CPU and since PS4 and XBox have these weak jaguar processors, they might just not be able to handle it. Not much of an excuse though when a bunch of open worlds games have done better AI on way older systems.

    But yeah. Wait a year. Maybe save some money for a new gaming console/PC or consider Stadia or Nvidia or whatever game streaming service it might be available on in a year or two.

  2. The whole game should've taken another year or released only on PC until they had time to work on the console versions. To me, it looks like they built the game for a PC then did a terrible job scaling it for consoles.

  3. The driving is so bad on base PS4, I cant even enjoy the game cuz the driving feels like its in slow motion because of the framerate and it controls awfully. Can't enjoy combat either cuz of the fps drops and the game just looks blurry and ugly

  4. I used to be pissed off at Rockstar for letting go of the old-gen versions of GTA 5 after only 2 years of updates, I thought the only thing it lacked was some more modular controls (which the PS4 version has)

    I see this and it's like CDPR just sold a beta build. The entire thing looks and feels worse than a 7 years old game on 15 years old hardware. Why does it look so bland and run so bad when nothing seems to be happening on-screen ?


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