No IGN Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Video Review Yet – Here's Why

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Normally we accompany our written reviews with a video, but due to restrictions we won’t be able to provide one for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty until launch. Until then, please read the written review on IGN for our reviewer’s full thoughts.


46 thoughts on “No IGN Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Video Review Yet – Here's Why”

  1. For everyone praising IGN like they are holding out due to standards….they ALREADY published their review and gave it a 9/10 and barely mentioned ANYTHING about bugs or glitches. So what exactly is this video trying to prove? If they really wanted to take a stand they would have withheld from publishing the written review but they did not….cause they do not want to miss out on any embargo day clicks and thus revenue. When the video review comes out we would have already known the score….which is a 9/10.

    This video just comes across as opportunistic and a case of having the cake and eating it to.

  2. Should a movie reviewer be allowed to show footage from a film not yet available to the public or even one that has just released in theatres? It is a product and you do compromise it when you post the contents of said product on an open platform for free. There's more to the conversation but I'm leaning toward CDPR on this.

  3. IGN "We want to be transparent with our gameplay footage and want our videos to reflects our experience with the game." Also IGN "Baldur's Gate 3 has minor bugs at launch not worth mentioning 10/10"


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