New Witcher game announced, has an uphill battle after Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt Red has announced a new Witcher game but are you ready to forgive and forget?

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[CD Projekt Red] Official Witcher 4 announcement


32 thoughts on “New Witcher game announced, has an uphill battle after Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Engine tech makes a game run but content is what sells the game. They're definitely going to make more CP2077 content, and probably a sequel, after all the time/effort spent on the RedEngine for it. Giving up on this IP makes no business sense. Sequels are so common because the engine and assets are already there, publishers just crank out another new campaign and call it a new entry in the series. Call of Duty is a perfect example of this.

    Cyberpunk was a buggy, but good, game. Basically CDPR wanted a dense open city version of Deus Ex with the refined cover-gunplay of CoD:MW2, the stealth of Splinter Cell (this part was unexpectedly good), action exploration, and all the other secondary elements of an open world game including a real time Sun (object shadows move slowly if you stand still). Oh yeah, and the controls of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Of course it's gonna be buggy since development only started in 2016. Thinking about making a vid on this.

    To be fair though, Cyberpunk is a way more ambitious piece of software engineering with what they were trying to achieve. And that's something most discussions generally overlooked. Had CDPR upper management not cracked under pressure from investors to release the game 2 years before it was fully polished, it would have met their lofty goals.

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  2. CP 2077 was a tough lesson for CDPR and I think this will make the next Witcher have a good launch, I have no doubt about the developers capabilities, the only thing that single handedly destroyed CP 2077 launch was the push to release it in whatever state it was from the executives and not by the dev team.

  3. I don't care what store I have to buy a game from, what a dumb concern to have. Lol. I'm very excited to see what they can do with UE5, especially in collaboration with Epic. UE5 is a looking to be the real deal based on the demo's.

  4. I will likely buy this game at some point after release because I love the Witcher series. I will never preorder any game unless it is properly reviewed before release. I will not be buying it though if it is only available through epic games.

  5. I think I learned my lesson with Cyberpunk to contain my hype. Anything like that happening again to me would be on me. I'll just have to wait and see (definitely not a building a new pc for this game lol)

  6. Gotta say that there is absolutely no way that I'll believe it won't be Epic exclusive. I wouldn't risk preordering it because I honestly see exclusivity being a last minute announcement. Burned once, I won't take that chance again

  7. I'll tell you what. The next gen patch of cyberpunk has converted me back. I was there day one and it was a pile of horseshit, but gotta give them props for not giving up on it

  8. Oh I will 100% be playing this game when it comes out.
    Maybe not day 1, I will wait for reviews first and then if needed I'll wait until it's running smoothly.
    After all, even the Witcher 3 wasn't great at launch but by the time I played it, it was amazing.
    Speaking of which…
    I'm just about ready to play Cyberpunk 2077.


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