Is Cyberpunk 2077 Finally In The State It Should Be?

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Cyberpunk 2077 launches on next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with patch 1.5. Lucy and Jean-Luc dive into if the game is finally in the bug-free and fully playable state it should have been at launch, as well as touch on added features like new apartments and weapons.

The next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 come with both a performance and ray tracing mode, giving players the option for 60fps or 30fps with ray-traced shadows. It also features another round of bug fixes. While the game still isn’t perfect, the game’s current state feels more than acceptable, and we feel confident in saying that Cyberpunk is finally in a good playable state for players to enjoy. Patch 1.5 also features some more dramatic gameplay changes like new skills, a rebalanced economy, the option to change your appearance after the start, and even new apartments for V to rent. Only time will tell where Cyberpunk will go from here but for now it’s nice to just sit back and experience the game for what it is.

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – PlayStation 5 Version
05:38 – PC Version
06:39 – Quality of Life Improvements
09:27 – Are There Still Bugs?
10:24 – Skills & Apartments
11:19 – What’s The Future For Cyberpunk?


38 thoughts on “Is Cyberpunk 2077 Finally In The State It Should Be?”

  1. The 3D audio on ps5 version is awesome, they definetly payed some attention to it and its a nice addition. I know Xbox got Dolby Atmos support so that is probably great too.

  2. I just bought it for 20 bucks and I'm playing it on ps5. When I first got this game in 2020 it crashed every 30 minutes and I saw a bug literally like every 30 seconds……the game is wayyyyy better now. It still has Jank. And its not perfect. But, I will gladly recommend this game to anyone that loves a good story or the cyberpunk aesthetic and atmosphere.

  3. Is it just me or do we all really want a futuristic Blade Runner environment? I'm ready to get a new computer to play this game but I hope there's still more patching and mods that ordinary people can create.

  4. New trophies is a massive plus!

    My kids keep creating new accounts so they can replay games and get trophies and achievements again!

    I have been dying for a game to let me fake getting achievements and trophies again!!!

  5. The PS5 version is like night and day compared to PS4. I especially liked the added dialog, mixed npc crowds, police that actually chase you, and the added effects with the controller. The game just looks and feels way better. Looking forward to more updates.

  6. i personally love this game. the dialogue, story and characters were all so well made. never enjoyed a games this much. i do think that they should’ve waited until they finished the entire game for every console / generation of consoles tho! i fortunately didn’t experience that many bugs and annoying glitches because i played the game on PS5. i hope people will start to realise that this game is amazing and that they’re actually trying to make it more playable for everyone. and as soon as everyone does they’ll love it. such an amazing game

  7. Series x, PS5, and a good PC are the only machines worth playing this on. That being said if u do have one of those it's a solid game I've have alot of fun on Xbox! I just couldn't recommend last gen or series s version in their current state

  8. Yup, that seems what the launch should have been. It needed 1 years more to bake in the oven. I wish the executives, since everybody' waited for 8 years anyway, have delayed it for one more year (this year). But they pulled a 'No Man's Sky'

    I believe CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 will become Great Again.

    God bless, Rev. 21:4

  9. They can fix all the bugs but there will still be tons of things missing that they promised with all their lies.
    Also npcs are still just poping in infront of you. Pathetic for such a "living" open world

  10. I like the game as a game. Only thing that concerns me are the bugs. If it's a few, I can put up with. Major ones at launch, well that put me off buying and people are still saying its buggy as heck on the consoles.

  11. simply put no, not after a year+ of fixes. It's where it should've been at launch. Exactly what Jean-Luc opened with. Still tons of issues and glitches. In my restart and within 15 hours. I have tons of problems with textures, cars still go flying when barely touched, characters, vehicles, ai get stuck on items, to date have had to restart a save 7 times. Game has crashed 3 times. I've had 2 missions that glitched and were not able to be completed

  12. Tried the 5 hour demo on Ps5 and it was very smooth and looked great but better with Hdr off.What did it for me was accelerating in the auto cars you can feel the up shifts through the adaptive triggers and the brake pedal is stiffer than the accelerator,very cool.Well worth buying it now.

  13. I feel this game was a lot of work to build a world but now with how the story goes the sequel will have the world built but totally different people because of how big a metro is in scope. Small land a lot of people. I want new game plus but I appreciate the rewards we got after finishing fixers quests. On that save file I finished all the quests and side quests but I missed so story stuff because of bugs and takamura but whatever. I feel this game will eventually have season content but I wonder with what story take? Johnnys/V Is over most likely to have kneau move on to other projects. I think silverhand had too much of an influence in the game

  14. I'll never go back to this game unless they finish the balancing issues that made the game laughably easy on the hardest setting as soon as you level up a bit. Even critics were saying it was too easy, and when that happens, you know there are major issues.


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