I made REAL Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades

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Watch Thea build the blades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVyiHLR5rPk

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Artist: Masood Safdarian
Editor: Lilit Aramyan
ARIA: @ClaireMax
Smart boi: Kyle
Music: bensound.com
Sound effects: freesound.org


24 thoughts on “I made REAL Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades”

  1. It looked like it, but it had no pneumatic action to generate the force required.
    All you were using was the momentum of your punch to try and pierce, while the Mantis Shrimp's version is all about tension filled tendons that snap out when triggered.

  2. 6:10 Scientists are making artificial muscles!?

    Who cares about evil applications; THINK OF ALL THE GOOD WE CAN DO!!! Imagine super advanced prosthetics! Major injuries could be so much less damaging to people!

    …Isn't there some doctor group in Cyberpunk lore? I think I'd be a part of that group.

  3. I don't like mantis blades … they look unwieldy and the fact that they can swivel forward doe not change the fact that you have a hunk of stuff jutting out from your arm, being ankered to you bones in some stupid place and messing with your arms weight distribution when extended, using these feels probably horrible on the elbow joint after any length of time greater then five minutes. The prop wobbled in all the shots when in action, so precise control of this ridiculous contraption is also out of the window.
    Why not have your futuristic springblade be ankered to the wrist rotating out of its storage. You would have to deactivate and move the hand yes, but with the mantisblade the hand is also pretty much useless counterweight for the blade. This way you can have the whole length of the arm as a blade, and the blade be still in line with your arm, for perfect stabbing and slashing motions.
    Or you shoot anyone with implanted blades with a high powered Smart Sniper rifle from 500m through the wall before they know they need the blade at all. Thats still my prefered approach.

    Anyway cool prop


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