HUGE UPDATE From CDPR! Cyberpunk 2077 New Patch 1.04: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes!

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HUGE UPDATE! From CDPR! Cyberpunk 2077 New Patch 1.04: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes!
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27 thoughts on “HUGE UPDATE From CDPR! Cyberpunk 2077 New Patch 1.04: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes!”

  1. I have about 6 hours into the Xbox One Version. Its freezes for about 10 seconds every hour or so and has only crashed once. Frame rate drops whenever I'm in a highly populated area, but not bad enough to cause any issues. The graphics are what you would expect for an Xbox One game so I can't complain too much.

  2. Google Stadia – I am unable to run after getting out of a Vehicle. I get locked into the vehicle view, and then move slowly. Vehicles get stuck often… a lot of those bugs. Some quest bugs where I have to load a previous save.

  3. Yes its RPG , but the call of duty warzone 200 gig and call of duty system requirements like system requirements
    cyberpunk 2077 , Call of duty 2019 release and cyberpunk suppose release 2019 for ps4 , xbox one and pc 😐🤔
    They need at least 10 updates ( hot fix ) to be a normal RPG game
    It was supposed to come in 2019 for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles and pc , so why is this game so buggy and some lags ?
    tell me , everyone tell me , CDPR TELL ME , WHY 😡?

  4. I got this weird bug that was going on for 30 minutes straight. My arms just keep fluttering back and forward whenever I am in a cutscene. So freaking annoying I had to quit and wait for future updates. Another bug is when I sit on the car with Panam, the cutscene happens then I am inside Panam and talking.

  5. Geez! Everybody on youtube is crying about this game.. So much going on in the world and this is what got everybody in their feelings.. I mean i've played it and it's pretty good it could use some updates and fixes but it's still a good game worth checking out. I don't have any regrets getting this game and i hope the dev's will add patches and updates which i'm sure they will if they really care about this project. Me personally i find these glitches to be hilarious 2020 has been pure hell i'm not adding a video game to that list while other things are going on. Just be thankful you got what you have and help others by bringing some laughs and enjoy because we all need that over anything else that's really not life threatening in anyway! but great video 👍🏾 See you all in night city baby 🤘🏾💀🤘🏾

  6. I had an issue where i couldnt switch my car view and some brain dances going completely dark. But i closed the app and reopened it and went away. As for crashes.. i didnt get one crash lately.. 5 days after release. Dev crew definitely working


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