How well does Cyberpunk 2077 run on Google Stadia?

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Just how well does Stadia handle Cyberpunk 2077?

Check out Stadia Source’s video here:

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32 thoughts on “How well does Cyberpunk 2077 run on Google Stadia?”

  1. Bought this game and got a free controller and chrome cast. Stadia is free unless you pay for Pro and get a few free games and 4K and discounts on games. So far I have no issues with this game and Destiny 2. Looks very promising. I am shocked how good it works, also I have 1Gig internet.

  2. Too bad the game physics and innovative gameplay isn't there. There's so much lack to detail even after you get the game to run well. The gameplay isn't groundbreaking, we've seen gameplay like this many times.

    Where are the cybernetic abilities?
    Where are the high tech gizmos?
    Where are the flying cars?
    Where are the millions of npcs that roam about?
    Where is the attention to detail in npc interactions/reactions?

    Even if you get it to run well, there are tons of comparison videos showing off how lackluster the game really is, compared to games that came out as far as 10 years ago.
    Fuck this game.

  3. I played trough the main story with zero problems or laggs, its so awesome to play the newest games from my low spec pc with i3 and 1030 gt, I will definietly update for the pro account in jan, and going for Watchdogs Legion.

  4. i don't know where those comments come from. played on stadia, it is bad, not the quality, it is buggy for itself, and the quality, in setting you got option, performance or visuals, if you choose performance, it runs quite smooth, if you choose visuals, it runs like constipation

    i tried it on geforce now, it is much better but there is a delay, but less than stadia

    should you play on stadia? no
    should you play on geforce now? no
    should you play on your pc? no
    i played the game on steam and this game is not what is expected to be

  5. I used to be sceptical towards Stadia and other cloud gaming platforms. But after using it for a longer period of time I must say that it's great. Much bettee experience in various games than on PS 4 and Xbox One, high resolution, solid graphics, stable 60 fps and all that for free.

  6. Just chiming in, after 7hrs of playtime on stadia, I can say it runs very well. Only a handful of connections interruptions that last 2 seconds. Looks really good, and I was extremely skeptical

  7. Best place to play 2077 is PC ( if you have the money to put $1500-2000 into one or already have one and meet the best settings on pc) then series X $500, then Stadia, then Ps5 $400-500. What do you do???? Also this feed of stadia looked like the fps was terrible…its kept stuttering just moving camera and not even moving the character just the camera. My xbox one x version doesnt even do that. But i am using a 1080p tv so that may be the difference. Not having to display in 4k and down sampling to 1080p could work to smooth out fps.

  8. the one game that runs decent lmfao. y’all need to relax. you’re happy to see ONE game that runs good. convince yourself that you didn’t waste your money, but ya did.

  9. stadia definetly has potential. if it can get enough games and get good enough performance i think most people in the future will play on stadia or stadia like services.


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