Half-Life 2 is better than Cyberpunk 2077

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I got the title idea from ENXGMA, check out his stuff here:

0:00 Guns vs. Water
0:53 NPC Combat AI Comparison
2:02 Grenade vs. Water
2:57 Jumping off a ladder
3:27 Annoying NPCs
4:23 Annoying Cops
5:15 Breaking Crates
5:57 Destroying a vehicle
6:59 NPC Interaction
7:51 NPCs reacting to Grenades
8:32 Water vs. Vehicle
9:13 Player vs. Fire
9:49 Running over NPCs
10:47 Outro

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32 thoughts on “Half-Life 2 is better than Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Fuck. All people in comment said that water physics in CP is bad. And what? CP have open world, interesting story, many types of guns and a lot of other things. By the way, Dishonored 2 was like CP on the start, but nobody says that it was a bad game.

  2. Don't worry guys he just knew that if he compared it to the first Half-Life then cyberpunk would have practically been Thanos snapped out of existence, so he had to add the 2 there so it wouldn't be that brutal 😉

  3. Alot of the comparission shots are a bit unfair due to the ways the games were designed, I think the main good shots are water and AI which are repeated several times
    I wouldn't flame Cyberpunk for ladders because hl2 ladders fucking suck and the box comparission, well, HL2 always sweated on high-realistic physics, same for the cars, in Cyberpunk they are dynamic, in HL2 they barely move


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