GTX 1050 Ti + 8GB RAM – Cyberpunk 2077 – Low Settings – 900p

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GTX 1050 Ti + 8GB RAM – Cyberpunk 2077 – Low Settings – 1080p

⏩Cyberpunk 2077 | GTX 1050 Ti (1080p) :

⏩Cyberpunk 2077 | GTX 1070 (Ultra Settings) :
⏩Cyberpunk 2077 | GTX 1070 (Optimal Settings) :

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🖥️ Computer Specifications :
• Monitor : BenQ Zowie XL2411P 144Hz (24 Inch) FHD
• Processor : Intel Core i5-9400F
• Graphics Card : Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Edition
• Motherboard : MSI H310M PRO-VH
• Ram : Kingston 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 HyperX Fury 2133Mhz (OC to 2666Mhz CL15)
• SSD #1 : Samsung 750 EVO 120 GB (For Operating System)
• SSD #2 : Crucial BX500 240 GB (For Game Testing)
• HDD : Seagate 1TB BarraCuda
• PSU : Corsair Builder Series CX600
• Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64bit Version 2004
• Nvidia Drivers : v460.79
• Gameplay Recording : Nvidia Shadowplay
• In-Game Statistics : MSI Afterburner

🟢 Nvidia Control Panel :
• Ambient Occlusion : Performance
• CUDA – GPUs : All
• Low Latency Mode : On
• Power Management Mode : Prefer Maximum Performance
• Texture Filtering – Quality : High Performance
• Thread Optimisation : On
• Rest at Default Settings

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22 thoughts on “GTX 1050 Ti + 8GB RAM – Cyberpunk 2077 – Low Settings – 900p”

  1. Looks really cool even on 900p👍 btw in this settings on 900p is it possible to keep lod to medium and keeping ambient occlusion to low while maintaining 27-30 fps all of the time (or cuz you already kept ambient occlusion to performance in Nvidia control panel settings, so there will be some ao even if you turned it off in the game, yeah I am confused🙄)

  2. I got a 1060 with 16 gb ram, and an i7, according to the settings to specs from their website it’s minimum for running on high. Tbh we shall see lmao, the goal is just to make sure it doesn’t look like shit and and it doesn’t stutter.

  3. This video does give me hope that my 1050ti 8g i7 laptop will be able to handle it . I think im going to wait till cdpr works out a few more kinks though. The ps4 and xbox 1 versions are running poorly and yet represent allot of sales . Im sure cdpr is concerned that their reputation is on the line.

  4. I have an i7 9750 with a Nvidia 1650 and 8GB ram. Should I even bother getting it on my PC instead of my PS Pro? I'd love to end up modding it, but if I can't even keep a steady framerate I'll wait until I get a new PC or PS5

  5. I will say for anyone navigating the comments, I’ve had a lot of success running on ultra at about 40-60 with the use of the resolution scaling option and setting the generalized graphic quality at the top to ultra. It may look a bit hazy but that’s realistic to life sometimes, buildings far away aren’t suppose to look clear and crisp on a sunny day. Also everything close to you will look great, including any dialogue, your car, your hands and gun animation.

  6. This video is definitely false because to begin with I have played with a PC i5 6000 I don't know what, 16 of ram and 6 of video and it goes super bad and it is impossible for that pc to crack


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