Gimme Danger – Let's Play Cyberpunk 2077 Part 60 [Blind Corpo PC Gameplay]

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Let’s play Cyberpunk 2077 on PC! In part 60 of this gameplay/walkthrough, V and Takemura scout out Arasaka Industrial Park.
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This video includes the following quests:
00:00 Preparations
16:17 We Goin’ In


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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis
obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

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29 thoughts on “Gimme Danger – Let's Play Cyberpunk 2077 Part 60 [Blind Corpo PC Gameplay]”

  1. I swear, Welonz Japanese accent is the sweetest! I use to say Taka-Mura now I say Takaaa-muraaa. Love it. Feels like learning Japanese. At least a little bit. 😋 Love you Welonz!!

  2. i'm very conflicted (in a good way) about takemura. one the one hand i would absolutely hate it in reallife if rich assholes like jeff bezos or elon musk had their own samurai assassin/bodyguard that did their dirty work and would condemn them in every way possible, on the other hand he's really charming.

  3. Honestly it's interesting… I get where Takamura is coming from – even him judging us while he looks down on us judging him. I don't agree with some of his statements either but his story made me respect him for being the way he is. V's conversation with him is what I believe was needed for them to connect to one another, despite neither of them saying it. Two generations with different personal and cultural values, and goals as well. Someone as strict as Takamura opening up so much says a lot. How he struggles with what he feels and surpresses. Lol the guy isn't used to any sort of trivial or casual banter. He's your textbook 'old warrior who talks in riddles' stereotype. But i'd say the trope works due to the context of the plot and the fact that he had a corpo-conservative Arasaka upbringing.

    The way I actually got into the warehouse area was by zooming into the open gate during the observation section. There you could listen into a guard's phone conversation, which you later use to trick him in opening the gate for you. Often when scanning areas closely you'll find new options to exploit. Oh and I think you can just hack and lower any road blocks when in a car.

    Oh and there was an Arasaka waterfront entry in the database 😉

  4. Welonz, look at the ecosystem in the game. Or should I say, look at the lack of it. You never fight animals, only people. I'd say you were absolutely correct in thinking that wiping out part of the ecosystem would doom the rest. Of course, let's be honest. Corporations would want to tame and destroy that which they can't control because then they could force everyone else to be dependent on them.

    And exactly how would a system without the corps, at this stage of the world, work anyhow? If there's nothing wild or available to grow, then who's going to feed the city without biotechnica and her allies making all the food?

  5. I'm glad they threw in some options to remind Takemura of your Corpo past, but still, it feels like a missed opportunity to me. The two of you are the same, ex-corporate samurai who are now ronin because someone higher up on the food chain screwed you over. He should have a whole lot more sympathy and connection to you than he does for a Street Kid V or a Nomad V, who have only ever seen Arasaka from the outside.

  6. Legendary ping, should you ever get it, earns the title. You can target people with quickhacks through walls once you've got it. There were assassination missions in game where all I had to do was use legendary ping, identify the target in the building, then use the suicide quickhack on them. You can't get a more perfect assassin than someone who can force you to blow your own brains out without ever even laying eyes on you.

  7. "We all live for ourselves" – well, not in a Japanese society 🙂 It's basically built on a complex system of mutual and hierarchical obligations "gimu" and "giri". Not so much in modern days, but it was a fundamental thing for Japanese mentality back days. So if you think about Takemura as an embodiment of Corpo-samurai or even salaryman trope, then being an individualist is way too abstract for him. He is proud, that he gains his position through hard work, that's why he disrespects your way of making money. His position proves his value in the eyes of his society and his own. Also, he is very close to the Arasaka family, and it's a huge ennoblement, but still, not a family member. He has some sort of power but at the same time, he has to obey the greater than himself. In my opinion, the thing that he was born in the lowest class and he is aware of his origin makes him able to some sort of critical thinking about Arasakas (you can find some glimpses of that here or there in the dialogues) but nonetheless, this is a lifestyle that was, both, chosen by him and for him and there is no possibility for him to leave this world (and he is aware of that). The tension between V and Takemura is actually a tension between two mindsets: thinking about yourself as an individual and thinking about yourself as a part of something bigger than you.

  8. No idea what killed you at the end but hope the autosave wasn't too far, you were doing good stealth progress.
    Love the way Johnny and the cat are just chilling in the background during that conversation with Takemura, to finally roll over into the void at the end.

  9. Hey choom, a few clicks east of Kabuki Market in Northside you'll find an NCPD blue mission with a crate with an armadillo mod crafting plan inside. The quality of the mod you craft is random,.. Also you and Takemura, had a chat about routes into the place,.. maybe have a rewatch of your video with that conversation

  10. I’ve been flatlined climbing over railings, usually I get electrocuted. I am actually paranoid of it to where I go through an opening or save first. Seems like a bug. Also flatlined in the badlands taking a short drop off the edge of a cliff.

  11. 34:40 – So, I've made peace with the fact that downing (lethal or not) an enemy does not immediately raise alarms in the entire area. But I still cannot accept that turning off cameras (or the entire CCTV net) is something that is seemingly easy, and with no consequence.

  12. Marking people through walls is tricky bc if theres something taggable – like a floodlight or sth – in the way, you can't tag the enemy. And obviously you can't see the random object in the way through the wall so it's just annoying.

    But now that you have the epic ping with a long time, marking becomes obsolete bc it's basically the same thing anyway with keeping them highlighted.

    Although then the minimap won't alert you on the loot I don't think (but you seem to loot using your… uh, eyes, and not the minimap anyway). That's also something you wondered in an earlier episode, when tagging a distract object the minimap shows a large white circle area in which the people go "huh?" in.

    27:08 And yeah that's distracting when the target ball goes into handholding mode and tries to assist you from door to door in a game where you usually just climb through windows. Just show me the end goal and I'll figure it out lol


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