GET A Secret PET CAT in Cyberpunk 2077 Tips & Tricks!

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In todays Cyberpunk tips & Tricks Guide I show you how to get a pet cat!
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Today in Cyberpunk 2077 I have some more tips and tricks on how to get a pet cat for V’s apartnemnt. You can do this early in the game you just need to find some cat food to feed the stray cat. You can then pet the cat and pick it up to take it to V’s apartment, then the cat will be your pet forever. However you will need to listen to it meow forever more… hopefully that does not annoy you.

I have a whole playlist of secret weapons, how to get free legendary armor in Cybeprunk 2077 and where to find the best cars in the game, so make sure to check out my other Cybeprunk 2077 guide videos.

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25 thoughts on “GET A Secret PET CAT in Cyberpunk 2077 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. BTW, I found a PERK SHARD in a case, not far from the Cat Food, just poking around that complex before leaving. It was in the same tunnel system nearby the cat food location. Worth looking around the corner before you rush out. Hope you find it, sorry for vague information.

  2. It used to just say β€œfeed teh cat” when you read the shard and in this video it’s different, and right now for me it’s even longer and more in depth on how to feed the catπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ guess they updated it

  3. "Kinda crazy how it just happens to be homeless in Night City" lol my man you probably just straight up abducted someone's pet – not to mention, we see at least 3 cats in the course of the story, and they're ALL Sphinxes, weirdly lol

  4. I couldn't watch the whole thing. He keeps referencing things everybody knows, then goes on a several minute expedition to find cat food. For starters, you don't need cat food. There are several things that work, and second – cat food is literally EVERYWHERE. Its actually annoying how many thugs i kill that we're apparently chowing down on cat food all the time. God damn, man. Streamline these vids, please. Too much ambling, too much repeating things everybody knows, too much not knowing what you're talking about. "teh" being a typo? Lol just Google teh word "teh", my man. EZ

  5. 1.2 you can buy cat food.
    Also as of this post the instructions I got were more detailed on how to feed the cat. On the type of food ( presumed the food is it), you hafta cook Zap it for 15 sec, what to do it it won't eat it and if too much Ni-cola in it it will barf it up. :-0

  6. I’m sure dog lovers will cry foul and a patch will include a dog at later date. It’ll be cool if they make you walk dog daily or you find a mess in the apartment


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