FREE Legendary Mantis Blades! + Is Melee Good? (Build Tips!) // Cyberpunk 2077

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33 thoughts on “FREE Legendary Mantis Blades! + Is Melee Good? (Build Tips!) // Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Seeing Moxsy switched over from BL3 to Cyberpunk really warms my heart , stopped playing BL3 2 months ago because I found out it was a waste of time farming stuff for days without any drop. Went to play dauntless while I waited for Cyberpunk predicting BL3 will die with the release. This confirms it :p

  2. So I tested the heal from the Bloodlust talent a lot but it doesn't seem to work at all or differently as stated. There is no heal applied when causing bleed or attacking bleeding target. Has anyone else made the experience as well?
    Btw if you are looking for good test dummies, the fist fight challenges you get as sidequest pretty early on are perfect. You just have to drop a sword on the ground and pick it up after the fist fight started. The harder enemies are extremly tough but not very dangerous making them good for testing blades (not mantis blades though as you can't drop them)

  3. cyberware levels up with you. thats what really makes it OP – coz they can carry you through the game. even the projectile launch system is pretty OP and needs no further skills for optimisation.

  4. So I was 75% done decimating Sasquatch when she did her little grapple and punch thing and all of a sudden she just explodes and is laying dead near the edge of the room (from the center) where you're actually supposed to blow her up if you didn't eat your wheaties and need help or something… Weird.


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