Do Hellblade 2 Graphics Beat Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake and Avatar?

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26 thoughts on “Do Hellblade 2 Graphics Beat Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake and Avatar?”

  1. I just finished Hellblade 2 and I'm now playing Alan Wake 2, both on PC, and I would say that they both excel in different ways. For pure realism, Hellblade 2 is unlike anything I've ever played. I've been to Iceland and walked through some of the same locations that are in the game, and it brought me right back to those places on a very deep level. I also come from Washington State, and while Alan Wake 2 did represent that region reasonably well, it didn't hit me the same way that Hellblade 2 did. Hellblade 2 also had better facial animations both in cutscenes and in normal gameplay. But in terms of art direction, level of detail, and environmental storytelling, Alan Wake 2 was far superior in my opinion. Lighting was more realistic in that game as well, especially when path tracing was enabled. For pure visual realism, I'd say HB2. For impressive integration of graphics with other elements of the game, AW2.

  2. Hellblade 2 IS A MASTERPIECE, there is NO OTHER GAME like it. Not even Hellblade 1. HB2 is on a whole nother level that no game has achieve before. And it is AMAZING on the Series X. Honestly it's time to just ackonwledge this. From the very first battle I felt something that I have never felt before, like I was damaging a REAL person, something unique that No other game has ever achieved. This is incredible.

  3. if no gameplay then visuals mean nothing, i played a game 30+ years ago on phillips cdi called mad dog mcgree and 7th guest, they were real gtaphics and gameplay was fun, this game misses the fun, only 113 people playing it right now 😂 on steam, thats a massive L for a game xbox was saying is goty contender

  4. I don't understand why people are so mad at this game. This was made with a vision and story to tell, and the best way to tell that story was a linear graphics and story focused experience and it exelles at that. Nobody gets mad at visual novels, but when it's 3d no, it has to be like all the other games. The other games are great but accept some variety guys.

  5. It's tough, but to me, Alan Wake 2 & Night Springs, Phantom Liberty and Hellblade 2 are all damn close. They're all gorgeous games, and I'm thankful for the privilege of getting to play them all on a nice PC.

  6. Destiny 2 strikes a very good compromise between visuals and performance IMO. This game is extremely well optimized, would be nice if more games scaled / ran like D2. Of course D2 isn't using UE5 but I think the DEVS should focus more on optimized performance as its number 1 priority.

    However, I think much of the issue is people playing at the wrong resolution, meaning high end GPU's up to RTX 4090 are really "optimal" at 1440p not 4K. When it comes to consoles that 3.5 GHz Zen 2 simply doesn't cut it. The GPU isn't remotely suited for 4K obviously but a stronger CPU could at least help it with 60 FPS at "Dynamic" 4K.

    I have over 1500 hours on D2, the game just works so well with a TON of customization / replayable content. They really knocked it out of the park with the latest Final Shape Expansion.

  7. It's always the ponies with the most outrageous sht ever. Comparing ears and declaring themselves victorious. LMFAO. Meanwhile we're looking down on them from up here with our 4090 just eye-rolling.


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