Day[9]'s Day Off – Cyberpunk 2077 P1 – Character Creation and Game Introduction

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It’s time to play one of the most ANTICIPATED games of the year…Cyberpunk 2077! The first session is going to be a short one, so we’re making our character and doing some of the tutorials. WAY MORE gameplay in the next video.
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31 thoughts on “Day[9]'s Day Off – Cyberpunk 2077 P1 – Character Creation and Game Introduction”

  1. The character creator seems very lack luster. The color options often don't match what the icon shows, and the numbers of options are pretty small. No body shape or size options other then exactly masculine and feminine.
    They could at least match EVE online or FF14 for character creation options. For the love of anything good give us a full color palette. Then add a metallic option. The eye designs and eye colors need to be two separate things, and there is no reason at this point in time to not have sliders for all of these options.

  2. Hahahaha! Classic Sean:
    Talks over the tutorial while it's trying to teach him a gameplay mechanism.
    Pauses the game and rattles off own theory on what the mechanism is, assuming he's right.
    Unpauses the game and it does not react as he expected when he tests his theory.
    Says that this is hilarious or otherwise implies that it's the game's fault.
    Revels in being a genius the times that he was correct.
    Continues to play the game with a shaky foundation of the actual game mechanics and the ones he assumed.
    Never change, man. Never change.

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