Cyberpunk 2077 Will Change Forever With Update 1.7 – All Confirmed Features & Expansion Details

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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Change Forever With Update 1.7 – All Confirmed Features & Expansion Details
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Intro – 00:00
Promo – 00:31
Cop System Overhaul – 01:36
Max Tac Changes – 02:34
Melee Rework – 03:38
New Cyberwear – 05:54
Cyberpunk IP Future – 07:44
Phantom Liberty Features – 08:24
Outro – 12:20
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35 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Will Change Forever With Update 1.7 – All Confirmed Features & Expansion Details”

  1. Cyberware actually visually changing your character and ending up as an Adam Smasher-esque being by the end would be so good. Even just having cool looking robot arms that normal NPCs have would be an improvement over what we have now.

  2. What i want is Maelstrom cyberware. Especially the bug eyes. I also want to join the maelstrom gang or be able to do missions for them. I also want the 3rd person camera always possible. No more boring cyberware. A lot more quests like the pickup. Wallclimbing with mantis blades. Use a spiderdrone freely. Hack the environment possible. If they make the game more like deus ex and gta i give it another playthrough. Only did one and never touched it again. You figure out how little replayability there is with only one playthrough. For example i treated jonny very badly the whole game. At the end he still says he would die for me. WTF? Roleplaying game my ass.

  3. My number one thing is adding a full respec option. Not just perks but attributes to. I want there to be ways to go full borg if you want. And I want there to be crafting vendors. I always thought that it was kind of dumb to be mostly locked out of crafting cus you didn't spec into it.

  4. My favorite example of shortcomings in the melee combat is learning how to parry in the very beginning training and then never using it ever again, ever. It would be cool with gorilla arms if you could Parry ranged and melee weapons and then given a small time window for a counter attack unsuccessful parry.

  5. I'll give this game a few more years. It has so much potential. Just needs more and more updates for the more subtle details. Then it'll be a fully immersive game.
    It is visually stunning and has a really good story. Just needs more technical improvement. 💛

  6. *I NEED HELP* 🙂
    Hi, i have a problem in the game and i see nobody talk about this. I have a gun call GENJIROH, in a purple rarity. When i'm uprade him in legendary, yellow rarity, my intelligent gun became really bad. Like the bullet don't follow people like the purple did ! I have the feeling that my gun been nerfed when i upgrade him in every way ! Like i said before, the bullet don't follow people and the gun don't want to lock ennemy when i have some in the screen. The intelligent bullet don't work. All of this come when i put him in legendary rarity. I don't know what to do… (i have already the mod in the hand for intelligent weapon)

  7. i swear youtube is FULL of videos with titles trying to convince people that cyberpunk is changing with titles like "THIS NEW UPDATE WILL CHANGE CYBERPUNK FOR EVER" just accept the fact that this game is a failure and move on

  8. would have definitely been nice to see more truly "elite" enemies. Like say you have your slowmo on, but theres an enemy with the same mod who can keep up with you and dosent get slowed

  9. I really hope they bring more cosmetic cyberware. Like you’re telling me there’s full on borgs out here in Night City but I can’t give my character a robot arm?


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