Cyberpunk 2077 What happens when you are calm with Fingers

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18 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 What happens when you are calm with Fingers”

  1. Judy slapping fingers will forever be an iconic moment for me, and also the point where I started to simp beyond no return

    also loving how saul is now replaced with Panam xd

  2. Hey lamia, i got another lead of content for you, I just found something new about the way you can interact with fingers.
    First off i found two things, one if you have enough money and purchase a cyberware from fingers before you meet him in this mission, he will say he remembers you but not judy.
    Second thing, if you outside his clinic look up and see a closed window, and you jump to it u can open it and enter his clinic, this will make fingers get spooked, judy enters shortly after and tells V "huh you're not a door person, could've at least tell me where you were coming from", a joytoy in the waiting room said "hey you can't cut in line like that" , and to top it all off johnny appears at the back of the room and says "what is this shit stain place? ugh".
    I had a good laugh overall.


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