I Finally Tried the "Adam Smasher" Build In Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk Update 1.6 Best Builds

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I Finally Tried the “Adam Smasher” Build In Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk Update 1.6 Best Builds

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Intro – 00:00
Adam Smasher Build vs Lore – 00:25
Attributes Split – 02:24
Annihilation – 03:31
Athletics – 04:14
Cold Blood Invincibility – 04:45
Technical Ability – 06:19
Cyberware Overview – 06:56
Grenades Build – 08:05
Outro – 09:25
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32 thoughts on “I Finally Tried the "Adam Smasher" Build In Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk Update 1.6 Best Builds”

  1. I literally just got done with the Lucy build, got the Johnny ending, and avenged Johnny, Rebecca and David by flatlining Smasher. And now your telling me i can be the "man" 😑 that killed some of the best characters in Cyberpunk lore???

  2. I have finished the game 100% in 2 months after Release without any Bugs and i enjoyed it…you guys do some stupid build for what…. cyberpunk isnt no a mmo and you are forcing it to look like or forcing it to show its replayable but its not…. these Videos about builds are for time wasters… its not fuking diablo

  3. I have an interesting build idk if you tried this Take a Katana of your choice, the Stinger dagger and the Johnny's Malorian.

    dress up with a balaclava, Maelstrom Gas Mask, Netrunning suit, Yellow Vest, Yellow Shorts and Long boots. add in Thermal Monowire and Invisibility(cause you can't teleport)

    Its "Scorpion" from Mortal Kombat

  4. For smasher, What i wouldve done is use tranquilizer shots on the hand cannon untill CDPR buffs it
    and for the shoulder rocket launcher, just use the ba xing chong. its homing explosives… which is literally the same thing as the launcher
    For LMG's Use the Defender with mods. and thats all you really have to do
    And for reflexes, remove 5 points from cool, add them to reflexes. Use QianT Sandevistan, for its low cooldown.
    to deal with fire rate, Buff your weapon swap speed, then switch between each weapon which negates reload speed
    and bullets can catch up if you use smart weapons, or just aim.


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