Cyberpunk 2077 Walking Tour – Wellsprings [ Futuristic City Ambience – 4K Ultra Max Graphics RTX ]

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Walking in the sub-district of Wellsprings in Cyberpunk 2077. Wellsprings is a relativity safe district, on the west side that borders City Center. The buildings here are newer and modern, brought to life during the rebuilding of Night City. However southwest of the district the buildings are smaller and older. These apartments are mid-tier to downright cheap, however Wellsprings manages to keep an overall aura of class.

00:00 Wellsprings Beach
09:34 Skyline Street West
12:08 Wellsprings Beach Plaza
20:03 Skyline Street South
23:03 Megabuilding H2 Sector 02
28:11 Parque Del Mar
37:32 H2 Elevator to Lower Level
38:26 Megabuilding H2 Lower Level
39:18 Benko Street
41:56 Parque Del Mar
54:42 Benko St
57:46 Palmsview Wy
1:03:29 Skyline St West
1:05:50 Cannery Plaza
1:13:48 Skyline St West
1:15:26 Cannery Row
1:22:30 Skyline St West
1:23:50 North Wellsprings Unnamed Sidewalks
1:58:57 Corporate St

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