Starfield Neon Vs Cyberpunk 2077 4k Ultra Settings 7900XT 5900X

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13 thoughts on “Starfield Neon Vs Cyberpunk 2077 4k Ultra Settings 7900XT 5900X”

  1. I cant do this frog i haven't seen this city in starfield 😂. From the trailers it looked good.

    But 😂😂😂 cyperpunk woth the path tracing is tough to looking forward to this city and expect it to be more interactive than night city .

    But think about this…the fact we are even comparing starfiled graphics to cyberpunk is a testament to how well Bethesda have done here … truly out did themselves.

  2. Why does my Cyberpunk look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than yours at native? Make me think something has been tinkered with. I own both games and know Cyberpunk2077 looks better than Starfield. The AI is smarter and story is on point. I'm just gonna say it. Starfield is boring and niche.

  3. Starfield has the edge over Cyberpunk at release. I'm giving Starfield an 8/10 with lots of room to improve with future updates. Cyberpunk was a 6/10 at release. Thanks for making this video!

  4. Why isn't Starfield on the list of games to get FSR3? Considering that Bethesda has this Starfield deal with AMD this is strange. Next Cyberpunk needs to have more variety of vending machines and signs.

  5. is a joke i hope…..starfield is a game

    with a graphics engine as old as my grandmother .it is not even comparable for a second to cyberpunk in terms of graphics haha


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