Cyberpunk 2077 V Male & V Female + Yaiba Kusanagi PureArts Figures | Deep Dive

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Sideshow Collectibles and PureArts present the Cyberpunk 2077 V Male & V Female + Yaiba Kusanagi PureArts Figures Unboxing & Review in this episode of Deep Dive with host Terry Smith!

Sideshow and PureArts are proud to present new video game figures from Cyberpunk 2077. PureArts has partnered with the renowned studio CD Projekt Red for this premium sixth scale articulated action figures line featuring both V Male & V Female.

From the most anticipated video game of 2020, PureArts presents the Yaiba Kusanagi with Male bundle.

This set includes a V premium action figure and Sportbike (will come finely painted with die-cast parts and LED device).

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0:00 – Packaging
3:01 – Figure Unboxings
10:45 – Bike Unboxing
18:23 – Figure Posing
27:15 – Figure Photography

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9 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 V Male & V Female + Yaiba Kusanagi PureArts Figures | Deep Dive”

  1. @sideshow hey, you forgot to mention the light up feature on male V boots, which is awesome and unique. I have the female V with the Yaiba bike and it is frekkin great.The ONLY nitpick i have is, you can't stir the bikes front wheel.

  2. These are cool. However, there are a few caveats from a person who owns these. The fake leather will flak, this is almost impossible to avoid. The pants of the female V is already showing signs of damage out of box and the tailoring is quite bad and loopsided. The waist of the pants of male V is too small, it looks unnatural and you wont be able to change the body to a better one and you will also not be able to make the male V sit in a natural riding position on the bike because the pants is too tight. The black shirt of male V is too short exposing the belly. The body of male and female V are poor quality cheap bodies of poor. The bike has a number of places that are inaccurate and wobbly; kickstand is too short, couple of cables are missing, the footstands are wobbly, the handle bars are wobbly, one of the footstand is missing some parts, the protruding parts of the front wheel assembly should be dark grey color instead of red and the decal there is missing. But having said all these, its still a very cool set and the only sixth scale figures of Cyberpunk 2077


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