Cyberpunk 2077 Used To DEPLATFORM Through Twitch & Twitter Loophole!

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Twitter & Twitch need to fix this garbage. This loophole has been going on for years now and they just don’t care.

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37 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Used To DEPLATFORM Through Twitch & Twitter Loophole!”

  1. The government don't want anyone to have financial freedom
    They'll let this happen time and time again
    It's helping further their tyrannical goals
    PS youtube is a branch of government now, lol don't laugh, you know it's true, don't be a blind fool.

  2. If Youtube and Twitter is going to allow users to abuse DMCA claims so these assholes can commit FELONIES, then I guess it's open season on these frauds. If the public won't have justice, they will make their own. Youtube and Twitter should close this loophole, or situations can quickly get out of hand with people's lives on the line.

  3. this little edge lord is lucky he can hide behind a computer screen. You don't get anywhere by trying to extort people. And talking to people like that in person would get his ass beat into the cement. What a frustrating ordeal to have to deal with.

  4. Damn, the shortcomings of monopoly were never more obvious, but I guess this is the new future.
    Honestly I am just waiting for a new platform other than YouTube, but I doubt it can ever happen now.

  5. it should be in the law to require proof of authentication and definitely in the platforms if not the law… if i go to YouTube's official account or twitter's official account and pull the same dirty tactic, would it not be ironic if it worked? let it be clear i am not suggesting someone to do this but as an example to state, they are as vulnerable to it, if they consider that, do they see the problem? proof of content ownership should be a requirement.

  6. When DMCA no longer protects you. Even CDPR said they would make a music feed for streamers to stay away from any copyright issues. This is ludicrous.

  7. I am not a lawyer but I would say that would constitute extortion in most states and if they are in different states then federal law may be applicable. Seems to me to be another example of why Section 230 needs to be revised.


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