Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Brings A Massive Decision! Big News & I'm Playing Playing Phantom Liberty

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Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Brings A Massive Decision! Big News & I’m Playing Playing Phantom Liberty
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31 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Brings A Massive Decision! Big News & I'm Playing Playing Phantom Liberty”

  1. For hacking crit stacking on gear made demons like contagion go crazy. Then they removed most crit mods. In the new system other than combo demons can we get enough crit or more damage for hacking?
    Also would love a video showing new skill tree talents

  2. My question is, I’m a new player, started my play thru few days ago, and then found out this 2.0 update will change everything, should I just wait till the update and start fresh on a new game? Or just keep playing till it drops? I feel like if so much changes i’ll just be progressing for nothing in terms of collecting armor since armor won’t matter with clothes anymore. And my skill selection and attributes will also not matter. I also don’t mind new gaming. So should I just wait to new game on 2.0? or keep playing and continue once it drops?

  3. Are there any new fixers outside and/or inside dogtown? Or do the existing ones give more gigs to do? Cause i know the existing gigs inside-out so it would be pretty boring if i would have to just replay those

  4. I just hope none of these features make the game too easy, even on the hardest setting. It's great to be getting this after getting the worst game in over a decade called Wokefield, aka Starfield.

  5. i think i'm gonna try the bullet build mixed with a tech gun and blades the rest i'll save in case i wanna change it my last playthrough was a tech gun blade build so i may go back to that on this next playthrough

  6. I've been looking through the build planner CDPR release and honestly the hardest thing about this expansion is going to be deciding what build to take.

    Right now I'm thinking I'll go netrunner since it seems the most changed (plus I always did like monowire) with some good investment in cool and reflex for the movement abilities they both have and to give myself some more weapon variety (also as a side note it looks like axes might also be throwable now in addition to knives based on a few skill descriptions in the cool tree)


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