Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.7! New Leaks From Datamine! 3rd Person View? All New Updates!

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We’ve got some new updates about Cyberpunk 2077 upcoming Update 1.7 and new leaks from recent datamine, 3rd person view, the Cyberpunk sequel “Orion” and much more! Plus whatever happened to the standalone online experience? Let’s see what CDPR had to say in a new response…

Video Guide:
00:00 – Intro and Headlines
01:13 – CD Projekt On Multiplayer
05:52 – Update 1.7 New Datamine!
07:08 – Hollywood Actors Interested in 2077
08:43 – Cyberpunk Sequel Night City Again?
10:19 – 3rd Person View Updates
12:29 – Your Top Comments!

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33 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.7! New Leaks From Datamine! 3rd Person View? All New Updates!”

  1. I keep saying Co-op is needed you know damn well for a causal gamer with friends after a long day of work you would enjoy playing cyberpunk with friends . Have a beer . Shoot up some gangs bangers . The city is so big it would work

  2. I don't like Hollywood has an interest in games. I mean all they have churned out over the last few years is trash, trash, trash, trash, Top gun Maverick, trash trash, Sonic 1 and 2, trash and trash. And on TV it's been trash, trash, trash, trash, Stranger things, The Walking dead, trash, trash, Invincible, The Boys, trash, trash and even more trash. Their agents (money grubbing shit eaters) need to get thier clients a bigger audience now movies are dying. Am I jaded about movies and actors? Yes.

    Still I would love a sequel myself. It has to be set in Night City as that is the setting of Cyberpunk. V. probably caused a lot of waves so would more then likely be a legend or play as V. again maybe? Anyhow I would love if we had our own solo come up from nothing to having the city eating out of his hand. Maybe see the inner workings of the NCPD or Trauma team. Maybe more gangs like the Bozos, Steel slaughter slammers, red chrome legion or The Julliard.

  3. The only reason people want 3rd person view imo is mainly because they want to see their character's clothes and in some instances naked (why) ! Cyberpunk is imo an action immersive RPG and if you can't get immersed in the city without tpp then stick to the witcher!

  4. All I want to know about Update 1.7 is _when_. Looks like after I finish my current game [6th playthrough in 9 months] I'll just get into the new Witcher 3 until 1.6 appears.

  5. I truly hope any multiplayer part of nominally single player games especially rpg's are not required to play the game . In my opinion online multiplayer comunities are toxic and detract from my experiance playing the game. I hope for people like me who find the single player experiance is cheapened to give people multiplayer. As I play most games only for single player stories and experiance because of the toxicity of multiplayer .

  6. I just want the cops system fixed and people to live out lives and routines and to be able to make my character sit down at the restaurant s eat a burger and have some random conversations.

    Those three things are what I am waiting for to have addressed before I buy the game.

  7. If they made it an actual open world that you could experience in any way you chose it could have been one of the greatest games of all time. Instead they made it a backdrop for an adventure game. Such a waste of an artistic vision.

  8. If you've played the game you realize it has been a very very long time since they took multiplayer seriously in CP2077. There is no way they could balance several of the most popular playstyles. How were they going to make Quickhacking work? Slow motion? Melee builds? They would have to gut everything that makes the single player interesting to make the multiplayer even remotely capable. Not to mention they couldn't even get the single player working right there is no way they could handle anything anywhere near the scale of GTAO (and Rockstar did that 10 years ago). Now they are sunsetting the engine (giving up on their tech) and buying Unreal from Epic for future dev. CP2077 is still buggy af as they end support for it and announce sequels. Truly amazing.

    Edit: LOL there's no such thing as a Third Person Perspective developer.


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