Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.7 Is Finally Happening! Big News Update! Here We Go!

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So Cyberpunk 2077’s next big update is FINALLY happening. Let’s talk about Update 1.7 and when it will release, plus what to expect from features and more! Plus some interesting things have been said about Cyberpunk 2077’s big expansion Phantom Liberty. Let’s dive in!

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25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.7 Is Finally Happening! Big News Update! Here We Go!”

  1. This game is so good. I literally just get on and do absolutely nothing but still always seem to find something new and engaging. I can't imagine with other, working, open world implementations.

  2. "Better outcome for V." … There's no good ending in life, why should there be one in Cyberpunk 2077? Y'all scared of a bit of dying? It's an artistic decision that has its point, and players should deal with it. In fact, the game would quickly become pointless, would it NOT be like that. Cyberpunk series creator Mike Pondsmith has said that the idea of the game is not to save anyone else except yourself. If you want a happier ending, maybe go play a happier game? In case you haven't noticed, Cyberpunk 2077 is NOT a happy game. I'm personally hoping for a version where you can just plug into the Zen Master meditation BD's (i.e. at home) after you unlock them. For that fleeting moment…

  3. I personally would have loved a better connection between Cyberpunk Red and 2077 and vice versa as also promised in the initial and subsequent press releases where both were discussed. R. Talsorian Games has already promised a Red splatbook to allow Red content to be played. Tabletop content is still being released monthly.

  4. I know we aren’t going to get car customization but at least make spray shops that let you change the color of your car. I’m so tired of driving the same 2 Rayfield caliburns, also it would make it feel like there are so many more vehicles just because of the color. It’s a perfect solution

  5. Out of adding or implementing any possible feature or improvement in the game, what the game REALLY needs out of EVERYTHING is an AI overhaul. Without this, no matter how many features or updates the game receives, the game will always feel barren or dead. CDPR really should focus all of their time that they are already spending on this game to completely rework the overall AI in this game. This will ultimately breathe hope and life in to it. This will attract players such as me and others who crave to be more immersed. Once, and if, they get the AI to make a complete 180 degree turnaround, they can easily begin implementing new and exciting features to the game. I began to notice very quickly that there’s absolutely nothing to do when completing the game to 100%. This is also why I believe that it’s critical to improve AI as it will ultimately grant the player to interact with it on a much broader level, like police chases, higher and more advanced reactions from citizens, random events that occur with the police and citizens and gangs, etc. Imagine if citizens could just random commit crimes in front of you and just watch maxtac fly in to apprehend them or possibly get in to a gunfight with them? Things like that would have me stick in’ to the game for hours and hours.

  6. I don't think they should release that patch next month, mainly because they would be going up directly against Hogworts legacy coming out. I think they should wait for that game to die down a bit first. Personal opinion.

  7. If patch 1.7 does come out in early February, I think the dlc should come out sometime in March because they shouldn’t make us wait too long after 1.7 because that will be the time where a surge of players come back to try the new patch, and the dlc will boost player count even more.

  8. In the dlc i would love a 2077 version small air plane so we can make use of the regional airport in a mission or two:). I would also the npcs walking the streets to be less introverted more reactive and unpredictable like in gta 5. I'm confident the dlc will be a huge step up from the main game as an example blood and wine was a clear step up from the main story witcher 3 in my opinion it had a lot of good quality of life changes a better a story in my opinion in many ways blood and wine was a more experience than the main game:).


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