Cyberpunk 2077 – Turn on the Option to Romance Judy as Male V

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Today I have something that may both excite and anger you. I’m going to show you how to romance Judy as a Male V using a simple console command and a mod.

Thanks to Eurogamer and FredrickFlower. Check them out.

Console Command:
for i, v in next, {“judy”} do
Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr(v..”_romanceable”, 1)

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47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Turn on the Option to Romance Judy as Male V”

  1. These people are shit at bullshitting as well. What logic is there in recording a male voice at all if the lesbian romance was never intended to have a male involved??? That just means you wasted time and effort on something that you weren’t ever gonna use. What, you needed the male voice in case you lost the female voice somehow? You don’t have the fuckin script or a backup of the female voice?

  2. I found it hilarious that my girlfriend wanted to romance Panam and I wanted to romance Judy XD
    we were both disappointed on how restricted the romance option is in the game.

  3. Honestly the fact that you can romance judy as a guy i really dont care, what i cared more for is the dialogue, with panam either after, before, and even during missions you had interesting dialogues that were interesting funny and cute, with judy it was mainly buisness and seriousness, ik not tryna spoil but i get the situation that goes on in the story is a bit more towards the serious side but its kind of a shame that the only real dialogues that are kinda funny and cute with judy is her final
    mission, heres praying for the dlcs to be hella good

  4. I mean it makes sense? If she is gay you shouldn't be able to get her romance as a male. Now they could of just made her BI and pleased everyone. But that feels like bethesdas "world revolves around the player" style of gameplay. I like the idea of being locked out for different roleplay reasons, plus it encourages multiple playthroughs, and gives your decisions more weight. Same reason I'm one of those dudes that prefers new vegas over fallout 3/4.

  5. CDPR also claimed that only male V players could have sex Meredith Stout..I find that funny because my V is female and before Romancing Judy I had my fem V sleep with Meredith and didn't have any problems doing it… funny thing is I didn't find out that, that's what CDPR claims until after my V had her fun with Ms Stout when I looked up info on romancing Judy..I don't know if it's a was a bug in the game or not but i heard that sleeping with Stout is the only way to get the vibrator dildo weapon she leaves on the bed..I find it's good for taking down the Cyberpsycho's with non-lethal attacks..😅🤣🤣

  6. The whole game feels like underutilized. The game should have been longer as so many characters could have had bigger arcs. Funny how there is a whole gang to protect working girls and there are only 4 Joytoys in the game. I hope they add more romances and options with DLC.

  7. Yeah the flirtation lines are the same regardless of your sex all that changes is the responses. Plus straight females only have one option both sexes only have 2 options and that is not great. Plus I find it hilarious that no one has "fixed" the problem panem only being romancable by male.

  8. I thought it was pretty lame how the river romance and panaam romance are not even romantic, just fucking. But then they made the judy romance have a whole quest and texting after. Not to mention Judy is the only one with character, as opposed to default hot rebellious chick or default last good cop.

  9. Dantics, you want to make me angry? Tell me that Meredith Stout was originally intended to have a large presence in the game, with many interactions with V. Then tell me that her jobs for V involved the opportunity for V to have a full-fledged romance with her. Finally, tell me that the devs made a last-minute decision to cut down her role to almost nothing, and only have the Maelstrom quest, followed by a half-hearted one-night-stand scene which itself has only reused dialogue from aforementioned Maelstrom quest. 😬

  10. That's not how code works. The romance options would be given to characters as a form known through inheritance. That means the characters would share variables (like romance requirements) through the certain characters. Cdpr didn't deliberately take it out. They stuck with their vision, and use standard coding practices to get there.

  11. I think if there were more romance options with others in this game it woulda been fine but the entire game as a whole feels limited on choices since it’s so linear anyway. Overall I didn’t give af not getting to romance Judy with my male V, the female V romance was beautiful between the 2 so I’ll just use the mod to see from the other side 🤷‍♂️

  12. I just truly don't understand why they restricted the relationships like that. They let you have a female body with a giant circumcised dick and no nipples and a male voice, but having the meager FOUR possible romance options be open for everyone was too far for them. Absolutely ridiculous. The areas where they decided to give players tons of choices and where they restricted them just makes no sense


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