Cyberpunk 2077 – Totally Unexpected News, CDPR Quietly Added A Secret Feature (Cyberpunk News)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Totally Unexpected News & CDPR Quietly Added A Secret Feature (Cyberpunk News)
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42 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Totally Unexpected News, CDPR Quietly Added A Secret Feature (Cyberpunk News)”

  1. I still can't change my hair or anything in this game once you make your person that's it! no going back! if you picked a big blue curly Afro like me yes you will be rocking a big blue curly Afro till the end of the game my friend. I played maybe 1hr of this game realized I couldn't change it and stop playing.

  2. I'm Japanese and I've never heard of these people, infact I never heard of any of them that are in the game until people started talking about it, personally I just don't see the point. You can get those games cheaper on CD keys, well the ones that are on PC. So even though those leaks were fake you still think some of it might be true, this is why people keep getting dissapointed, reading too much into everything. Days Gone has sold close to 9 million apparently, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold 11 million and I imagine when the sequel was given the go ahead it had around the same amount as Days Gone, clearly Sony have a problem with Days Gone which is sad. Also why do people keep saying Sony delisted Cyberpunk because it was in a bad state, they did it because CDPR offered refunds and threw Sony under the bus, it was out of spite, there have been many trash games on the Sony store than have never been delisted, why, because those companies never offered refunds to everyone, Sony don't care about quality, they care about money. If anyone thinks I'm wrong then why is Battlefield 2042 still up!

  3. Their version of the RedEngine seems to be such a mess. I would love if they focus on new stories/characters instead of big new features.
    Keep those for a sequels with a less broken engine.

    They wanted to do a Days gone sequel ? AN OTHER FUCKING zombie game ?
    No thanks. We DON'T need an other zombie licence.

  4. Those influencer ads were always there. Also cdpr wanting to make days gone 2?. I bet they just did that because they know it's easier to make work based on existing fiction and they think that they can earn fan credit by making a sequel that lots of us want.

    Seems to me that they are too busy trying to sneakily curry favour by piggybacking than actually building games properly…they know that cyberpunk can't be fixed and are desperately trying to use their massive profits to fix their reputation and it's so tone deaf.

    Their only hope is a proper rebuild of 2077. Nevermind what the shills and fanboys say.

  5. Those ain't new. First saw those adds like…6 months ago I think. But then, unlike all the people who whine about this game I actually play it.

  6. I'm going to place a bet that 1.5 update won't be anything worth talkin about.

    Then Cyberpunk will get buried by the rest of the competition for the rest of 2022.

    Also to the dude who made this video you've got to find something else to talk about.

    You've made several cyberpunk videos back-to-back, move on.

  7. Khraze.. Why have there been no new quests added to the game? All the dlc content is cosmetic. They could have been working on so many quests in the past few years like borderlands did or assasins creed. Sold them for ten bucks would be a huge revenue increase. Why are there no quests after you finish everything all you can do is run to blue random areas and clear. Gets boring. Would love it if you made a video about a possible story dlc. Tie in to possible matrix style slow motion. There are so many creative ways to expand the franchise.

  8. Let’s be honest. We have no idea how much Days Gone cost to make versus how much it took in cash wise. Had it been a costly development, then I can imagine they can not be too happy despite it selling a lot.

  9. Can you please stop spreading the lie that Sony took Cyperpunk from the Playstationstore beceause it was so buggy? While it is certainly true that the game was buggy and broken enough to warrant such a move, that's not why Sony took it down. We all know that they took it down because CDPR granted everyone refunds and said go to Sony for your refund. Sony doesn't care about quality on their store, there are other games utterly broken on the PS store and they don't give a rats ass about them. They only suddenly care when people want their money back.


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