Cyberpunk 2077 – HUGE Leak for 2022! FREE DLC! Big Expansion! CD Projekt RED Responds! New Updates

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Update – Cyberpunk just received a huge leak about 2022’s FREE DLC and big expansion, but CD Projekt RED offers their own opinion about the matter. Let’s explore the new leaks and see what’s what.

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40 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – HUGE Leak for 2022! FREE DLC! Big Expansion! CD Projekt RED Responds! New Updates”

  1. About to complete the game again(x box x) this past play through seemed to be smoother still minor glitches but nothing game breaking anymore. The most noticeable one I’m dealing with is the clothing on NPC like to change color. I thought it was a tech jacket until I notice the outfit was changing too.

  2. They will reboot the game , add a few new features and shit we don’t care for along with the broken promises still in affect and then abandon the game because there will be constant problems they can’t fix or will never fix 👎🏾

  3. What is with the desire for cop chases? The cars handle like crap and the traffic is unbearable in certain places like downtown. All you'd end up doing is running into people and/or buildings trying to get away. Personally, I see V as more of a vigilante as opposed to a villain anyway. Give me more gigs, rmore romances, and an open world where assault cases are routinely popping up so there's always something to do. It would also be cool to buy a better pad as opposed redecorating the trash apartment you already live in. Gives me something to do with all my eddies.

  4. Hey open world games Are you getting sick and tired of it as well I am I am they keep promising things CD project rather than a can't deliver now they're calling this leak fake it fake well when are we supposed to be getting the new update It's been 2 years since this game has come out and we haven't seen anything what we were promised Are they just like another unisoft or they just like EA or they just like every other video game company that don't care It's time for some new content and a new Gen. Update and new game plus Same with the Witcher is a Witcher 4 gonna be just like cyberpunk We're supposed to be getting new DLC 1st for which a 4 and a new Gen. Update have we seen a yet no

  5. CDPr is one of those companies i don't believe no more. Actions speak louder then words and their actions have been the opposite of their word so whatever they said, I'll believe it when i see it.

  6. Realistically I would like to see better traffic AI and animations when eating as I am a bit of a role player. I was one of those people who returned back to the apartment at night whenever it was appropriate to go to sleep.

    The next-gen patch will be the next time I load up this game so looking forward to see the changes as it’ll be over a year since I’ve touched it after completing it on the PC & PS4.

  7. I love the idea of more text messages from MPC characters in the game. I also am hoping that we can actually take some characters with us as companions on missions. Or just to explore the city.

  8. I don't know if this is new or something I just discovered for the first time. I was heading north out of town checking out a new car mod I just had downloaded. I got a message that said "TURN BACK> NOTHIN' OUT THERE FOR YOU.. JUST YET. Is the JUST YET a clue or has this been there all the time and I just never ran into it before?
    Didn't know where to post this but since you're talking about updates thought it might apply.

  9. Given a choice of game setting, time, weather, etc – I will always opt for the evening, dark, misty, maybe even rain, over the harsh daylight and sunshine. For me, as soon as it's day time with brilliant sun, I feel like I'm in GTA – and not a good version, either.

  10. Have they done literally anything to fix the game yet up to this point? As far as I am concerned this game will never be playable. Broken dead end campaign with zero satisfactory value in any result. I will never forgive cdpr for what they did to this game and to my relationship with judy.


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