All New Vehicles Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1

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Update 2.1 added 6 new vehicles to Cyberpunk 2077. This video takes a detailed look at all of them to figure out which is best.

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Sandevistans Ranked:

Cars Ranked:

Comment below your favourite new vehicle and Why! #cyberpunk2077 #phantomliberty #gaming


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00:00 Intro
00:22 ARCH Nazare Kobold
01:36 Brennan Apollo 650 S
03:10 Kusanagi Akashita
04:47 ARCH Nazare Racer
06:13 Kusanagi Peacekeeper
07:22 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet
10:26 Conclusion


19 thoughts on “All New Vehicles Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1”

  1. Z3X is still on top for me, although I really like Jackies arch a lot too.
    The new cabriolet is too tacky imho. What I love about the original, is how it felt like a contrast to the time of 2077, tho I still don't like driving it.
    Me, I was hoping for a speed daemon MC to rival Caliburn , but in stead I removed CP2077.
    I want to have the option to revisit the game later, and feel like I still got things I haven't done in game.
    Thanks for completing the vehicle list Sam

  2. Just thought you should know, the Taigan can also be used to perform bike jumps, and since it holds 10 rounds at once they can be chained together. Tested it myself, and ended up accelerating fast enough to get stuck sideways in a wall, 10/10 transportation.

  3. New vehicles were nice for sure…but boy would I like them to stop messing with the economy!! A $125,000 quickhack now sells for $600. It's not like the components are easy to get either. Just about everything has been nerfed 10-90%. Still not one cyberware capacity shard. Wish I could revert on console lol

  4. I'm so sad that we're likely done getting new stuff in CP'77. It's been awesome to watch the game grow over the past 3 years (although yes, it should have been a lot better at launch) and all the new features and collectables and secrets have kept the game relatively fresh and exciting. Phantom Liberty (like H of S and B & W before it) was one of the best expansions for any game, period. It's been a good run. Now we wait.


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