Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Adds in a Game Breaking Bug & Other Hidden Changes

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Today we talk about some of the undocumented or hidden changes around Cyberpunk 2077’s patch 1.1 update. The update introduced some pretty major changes to the game, some of which didn’t make the patch notes.

00:00 – Patch Issues
00:31 – Game Breaking Takemura Bug
02:05 – Takemura Bug Fix
03:51 – Item Reroll Removed
06:07 – Larger Crowds
06:27 – Major FPS Drop
07:05 – Overall Patch Reactions



Takemura Bug:
Takemura Bug Community Fix:
Performance Loss After Patch:

Takemura Bug Gameplay:

Author – yato32

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24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Adds in a Game Breaking Bug & Other Hidden Changes”

  1. Started a new game on 1.1 and just did the Maelstrom job. No issues so far. It seems to run smoother on my PC. Some of the loot you get from early free roam mission areas seems to have changed too. I guess they did something to the loot system hoping to improve performance and memory usage as they said.

  2. Before this update i had very little problems and when i did run into them it didn't bother me too much. Now i cant swap weapons if i unequip them i cant put a new one in. Cant change armor. It seems it has fucked up all my saves. It doesnt matter how far i go back. This is game breaking. I was ok with the game up till now.

  3. I am not happy at all with this trash update. I am having bullshit happen thats not even addressed in the video. Put a person in the dumpster in auto equips their shitty gun. Then i can swap back to my good gun. Get a new awesome piece of armor well nope you you cant equip it. At this point i am done i dont want to play this dumpster fire anymore.

  4. JFC, guys – the game released practically as an alpha…
    I say this, because I've literally played alphas with fewer bugs.

    Give it a few months before trying a real playthrough.
    (seriously, if you do a vid every time they have to do a patch, and/or break something… as you seem to be aiming for…
    it's going to get very tedious. Be smarter than CDPR – NOT HARD – and just wait until it's, at least, kind-of ready. gd.)

  5. Random mod slot amounts on unique items is one of many dumb decisions made by CDPR. It was like they were designing a multiplayer looter shooter and changed it to a single player at the last minute.

  6. Well this loot nerf thing is pretty bad. I dont really care about the clothings since I upgrade everything to legendary and wear what I feel like, but the weapons are much more complex. Even those wouldnt be much of a problem since almost all of them can be crafted or bought always in better quality (i.e. with better stats, Crit Chance/Crit Dmg/Headshot multiplier are the best combination a gun can have, or Charge Multiplier in case of tech weapons, and these are always absent in container found legendary weapons) than what you'd find out on the field, except ONE. There are 2 possible locations that I know of where Legendary JKE-X2 Kenshin can be looted. There is a chance that these guns spawn with a modifier that makes them shoot 2 bullets per shot (kinda llike the legendary variant of the Omaha – Lizzie). These guns can have 1800 DPS at lvl50, almost double than an ordinary legendary JKE-X2 Kenshin (~1000 DPS if my memory serves right), or the iconic variants Chaos or Appariton. So… I guess either they fix this and bring the old system back, or goodbye OP gun. This modifier can spawn on Tech Pistols as far as I know, but only the Kenshin gets boosted above its Iconic variants. This gun therefor can only be looted, along with good RNG and patience.

  7. I'm getting the frame rate drops and I have a 100hz Ultrawide Monitor with a resolution of 2560×1080 and at first I thought it was an issue with a defective monitor. Then I tested it out on the TV I did my first playthrough of the game on and still saw a major dip in FPS that was near unplayable. So I went into the settings turned crowd density to low, set it into slow HDD mode, turned the settings with fog down to low or just off, turned down screen space reflections to medium or low then enabled fidelity FX cas.
    Next I set up the monitor to Vsync, turned maximum frames to 60 and turned my game to windowed borderless and set it back down to 1920×1080. Anything I didn't mention above make adjustments based on your hardware


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