Cyberpunk 2077 To Influence The Creation of GTA 6?! New Legendary Armor and More! New Updates!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Updates – So it appears that the rough launch of Cyberpunk 2077 could actually influence the development of GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6) on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Plus, new legendary police armor spotted and more!

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Cyberpunk To Influence GTA 6 Development:

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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 To Influence The Creation of GTA 6?! New Legendary Armor and More! New Updates!”

  1. I always thought that Grand Theft Auto should release as a base game with a single city disc, then spend the next 5+ years releasing new city Discs. You'd go to the airport and move to the new city. It would require a brand new graphics engine to start with or your game would show it's age years down the road.

  2. I gotta disagree with people saying rockstar should take their sweet time. First off, it's been a decade since gta 5, I'd say they've taken their sweet as time. Second, the reason they haven't released gta 6 is because they're making more money from Gta online than they would from gta 6. They're now trying to make red dead online as big. The reason they wait so long between releases is so they can give people time to invest (literally) into their online bs with microtransactions. Rockstar is bigger than cdpr, and has way more money. They also have experience with the type of games they make (unlike cdpr which hasn't done a whole lot like cyberpunk in the past.) Rockstar could have been done with gta 6 by now, they just choose not to. They lost the right to take thier sweet ass time when they made people wait 10 years (longer by the time it actually comes out) because of greed.

  3. Im on xbox1s since day one. 170hrs still first play through. The more I clear the areas the smoother the game runs and looks. Yes it’s not as good as PC. But I’m enjoying the game and it will only get better. I have the police the outfit. With helmet and blue under net suit looks so good.

  4. If they would make a great single player like in RDR2 and GTA V with enhanced gameplay I'm in but wouldn't like another GTA with DLCs for online only and I think atm that exactly will happen as the online stuff in both games is their cash grab number 1…..

  5. It's painful to see the state of the game. Storywise, I love it way more than The Witcher, but most of the hate is justified. I'm on my third playthrough and there's nothing really left to suprise you.

    I really hope they're working their asses off to fix this…

  6. I hope every studio will now take their time after the launch of cp2077 but i doubt it…we will still be getting broken games…but not from rockstar, they have already proved themselves numerous times, they release finished, polished games, they have some problems porting games to pc, but that is dealt with pretty quickly…and they hype their games by virtually saying nothing about it, you get a couple of trailers, gameplay trailer in the days before launch and thats it…thats how its done

    I think gta 6 will be released in 2023/2024

  7. I only hope that GTAVI updates their single player along side the multiplayer with what they add. I got real sick of the campaign only having purchasable things from 2013. Hope they add single player expansions and Multiplayer immersion details like a working social media or stock market.

  8. I hope the main campaign of GTA 6 allows the player to use their own online custom character as I found myself being more into online than the MC. I was not that motivated to play as Michael or Franklin with the only exception of Trevor his stories are hilarious but I really wanted to play as me in the MC as well as online more. I would love to see real world places be used in GTA 6 too especially more of the international atlas too to really utilise those planes & jets in the game a lot more


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