Johnny got cooler | Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay [#26]

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Title & Thumbnail by: Chelsea Schneider
Recorded: August 29, 2021
Platform: PC

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4 thoughts on “Johnny got cooler | Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay [#26]”

  1. I gotta say I've always been on the positive side of this game and I still love it to death after a 100 hours. It's so amazing. However after going back and seeing actual dev interviews, there are definitely things they promised 100% would be in the game including the car customization stuff so I def see why people are upset at that side of things. I was watching this live and someone posted a link after lawrence said they didn't promise the car stuff and I went down a rabbit hole and found them for sure promising that and other things they legit quoted to be in it. Not just implying. I see both sides. I think if they had come out and been open about things not making the cut (like they did with the wall running mantis blade thing) things would've gone by alot smoother. I think not saying anything about it after not including some things into the game is what has upset people maybe? But I still don't see why people are so fixated on the negatives instead of paying attention to all the amazing details that they got correct. I will continue to defend this game until it gets its proper recognition from all the bandwagon haters that choose the low fruit to pick off the branch.

  2. I still go and play this game and find myself just walking and staring at everything or listening to the ambience and suddenly 3 hours flew by. No other game can make me do that. I even fall asleep to 2077 ambience mixes. I hope this game gets the respect it deserves. It seems to finally be winning alot of people over. I'm really glad to see it. I love the comics they've released and excited for the anime. I hope they aren't discouraged to keep up the world building!!!


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