Cyberpunk 2077 – This Is NOT Good At All…This Could Ruin Everything! CD Projekt Responds!

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So this is definitely not good news for the gaming industry as a whole. How could Cyberpunk 2077 be affected by this? What a bout CD Projekt RED? Let’s take a look!

00:49 – To the command center!
02:09 – CD Projekt RED Responds to Big Criticism
05:57 – Could This Destroy Open World Games? CDPR Dev Responds!
12:15 – This Worries Me A Lot
13:53 – Your Top Comments! Let’s gooo!

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Install War Planet Online for FREE here ✅, and get a special starter pack! Thank you to Gameloft for sponsoring the video.


33 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – This Is NOT Good At All…This Could Ruin Everything! CD Projekt Responds!”

  1. Takemura said his honor isn't attached to morals. He's loyal to Arasaka, and that's his only priority. He's using you as a pawn. Sure, you want to like him, but does he actually like you? His ending stinks of betrayal. Read between the lines. Let him die.

  2. Can't believe there worried about a sequel lol. This game was nothing but broken promises and is way to short. Not to mention the DLC seems to be alot smaller then we we're lead on it would be. I'm definitely not looking forward to anything cyberpunk

  3. Yes Cyberpunk was way too linear. Was as wide as a lake but as deep as a puddle.. If i never see Johnny Silverhand again it will be too soon. If you didn't save Takamura you lost half the game story… so no its linear unless you want to miss so much story..

  4. Honestly if they do make a sequal i want to see a few things.
    1) more attachments for guns
    2) the option to duel wield certain guns,

    3) Car customization
    4) Making higher difficulties reward high xp and cash
    5) Harder missions reward more xp street cred and cash regardless of difficulty so i dont need to make money by duplicating or by crafting methods
    6) MORE EYE MODS AND EYE CYBERWARE!!!!! (i feel they are leaving a legendary eye for the DLC)

  5. I highly recommend looking at a channel called "two minute papers" he cover the latest AI and i see a real future there. Not AI making our games just removing the busy work like small assets and the ppl can chose what to use/put in the game. My analogy would be in the past blacksmiths made the nails and hammers to build your house but now they are factory made does the effect the look of the house? I think it would open up more opportunities to build a more complex game with a stronger back-end and at the end of the day ppl have to make the game so i think that alone would give it a human feel even is the things that make the game assets wouldn't be "hand-made". While the technology might not be here right now i think its worth talking about with how close we are getting.

  6. A game called bright infinite which was made by only a few people is a first person shooter that has just now been implemented with third person walking, jumping, dodging, and non aiming firing of the gun. Soon as you aim the gun, use your sword, telekinesis it goes straight to first person. Now it's crazy that this small team was able to do this. N yet cyberpunk has not.

  7. They shouldn't hide the choices we can make, nor spike quests like they did and FNV would change landscapes and if you kill all the voodoo boys in Pacifica in the underground headquarters scavengers dominate Pacifica. They allow us to save Takemura but not Evelyn Parker. Cyberpunk 2077 problem for players wasn't the view it was linear but that they meddled and restricted choices. FNV quests design which Key Quest Designers for Cyberpunk 2077 have expressed influence from was massive amounts of choices and determination whilst Cyberpunk restricted choices, gave you not enough, and they controlled them to determine how they wanted the story to go if you pressed here or that. They should hand off it and their views about politics wasn't hands-off enough. Though a lot of that restrict was likely due to the crunch.

  8. What turned me off Cyberpunk was V, honestly. You can change their backstory but they are still the same moody self destructive individual what ever you make them look like. My big problem is right near the beginning; My type of character would have talked Jackie down from taking that stupid job when asked that question about would rather die young in a blaze of glory or get old and I'd definitely say "Are you insane? Old and comfortably well off please!"

    The game makes the assumption everyone is the 'live fast die young' type.

  9. you can say the same thing about some of the witcher 3 choices.. like brought ciri to Emhyr 1 time in 50+ playthroughs.. ive never let ciri die.. Ive always chosen to do The Last Wish quest with Yen.. I'm sure there are even better examples of this too. So, "choices that arent really a choice" I don't think they're exclusive to just CP77

  10. It's possible to have developer lead procedural generation. The developers of Star Citizen has a system that creates buildings by creating a flow chart that says what type of room connects to each other. The engine creates the whole building in the style of the chosen faction in the lore which can then be manually tweaked.

    The unreal 5 engine can create whole cities procedurally which is what the Matrix tech demo was. It should be possible to draw a map of the city layout and select different themes for each area to create the different regions, then manually tweak it to further match the lore.

  11. Like any other game maker they only want the money, they know they messed up, cyberpunk should been had better choices, each one should had it's own story but they did not, game was very buggy and was held delayed few times. One of devs stated the game was made for the ps5 but that was a lie they pushed it to come out around the same time. This isn't first time look at NMS, they hyped it up then when our expectations were to high and game released we see wasn't even a finished game, which seems be the narrative today. This reason I stop playing ps4 in first place and stop preordering games, I'd rather save my money wait till game comes out for free, rather spend 20 bucks a month than 20 bucks a month plus the 80 bucks for a game…cyberpunk was made 13 yrs ago was in development since 2012, or around that time, I guess people forgot that. Patrick mills is wrong about is "made closer to 3 years than 9", was first spoken around 2012 games. Love how people lie….. Was in development long before ps5 was spoken about and not long after NMS was announced.

  12. Dont think ai could help much right now at all but maybe in a few years.. It could also end up in a scenario where studios have to develop their own ai for their own style further complifying things

  13. No one is talking about if cyberpunk 2077 will even last that long for us to wait for the sequel …. Like I understand that cyberpunk 2077 has unreal potential but to see devs barely even touching that potential and giving up on it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth they are pulling another EA move again

  14. What people don’t understand about AI is it can’t generate anything that doesnt already exist. It can Frankenstein concepts but the results will either be uncanny or derivative. Never truly original. So yeah it can cut down in mundane tasks but if you truly fear that AI will outperform you in your field then you either don’t understand AI and how it works or you were replaceable to begin with.

  15. Shorten the development cycle and simultaneously have better Bug-Tracking/Quality-control with the help AI – would be a favorable feat. You could build in more complex mechanics without blewing up the CPU ……just eliminating the human error ( …not humans semselfs 😬)

  16. Well, with all due respect to Mr. Mills, but he is underestimating the speed in AI and it's getting faster. Just remember, the very first things AI should have replaced are the factory employees. But what do we see right now? AI is pushing the ART and artists are now worried.

    ChatGTP is able to code and migrate the code from one language to another.



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