Cyberpunk 2077 – The Most Polarising Game of the Decade

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Cyberpunk 2077 – The Most Polarizing Game of the Decade

Cyberpunk 2077 is most of the most controversial games of the past decade, with a godly amount of hype surrounding it before launch, it was touted to be the best game of all time. As we all know, this wasn’t the case…

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0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Visuals & Artstyle
4:44 – Performance
7:41 – Marketing and Hype
10:22 – Bugs
12:18 – Open World Design
14:31 – Combat
16:50 – RPG Mechanics
18:46 – Story (Spoilers)
21:50 – The Future

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45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – The Most Polarising Game of the Decade”

  1. I honestly love CP2077. I put over 200 hours in BEFORE the next gen upgrade and most of the patches. It's an awesome game. But it's an incredible experience now after the upgrade. I am thinking about starting a new character from scratch, but I don't want to lose all my good stuff! 🤣 I still hope they add a NG+.

  2. What do you guys love about the game,?
    I can't seem to find anything to do can't customize shit or go out to to activities.tired of killing same enemy's that respawns and does same things, what good is the world if you can't interact 🙁

  3. I'm personally not a fan of Witcher 3 I've tried & tried again to like it but I can't!

    I do see the potential in Cyberpunk, I bought it for half price months ago but haven't finished it yet.

  4. It's a game that introduced me to so many new things in the gaming world, and I've been gaming since I was little. So its to the point that I didn't care about its flaws, I just love it. The visuals are insane, it's like an eyegasm whenever I fire up the game. The combat is very dynamic especially after patch 1.5. I don't care what anyone says, it's the best game I've played since December 2020 and I still play it these days. Can't get enough of it. If the version of the game that they released was with patch 1.5, the shitstorm could have been avoided. Yes, there are still bugs, but it's a lot more polished now. I remember that when Witcher 3 was released, it had many bugs too. And yes, they put a lot of work in the soundtrack as well.

  5. They should honestly just reuse the city for a second game, get it right this time.
    More interiors of buildings, expand some bits of the city (combat zone, western docks), cyberspace, underground, and that should be enough for more "space".
    New story, new plot, new characters. Gangs system, proper jobs, more relationships n whatnot. Easy second game.

  6. Upgraded my GPU to an RTX 3070 and can't stop playing. I love what's here, but I really hope we get more enhancements and features soon. Shame about the last gen console launch.

  7. I 100%’d this game. I could care less what people whine about. I enjoyed the fuck out of this game. Could this game be better? Yeah. So can any other game. I appreciate CDPR doing so much to save the games appeal.

  8. It's probably one of the best games I've ever played. Most fun and immersive open world, that's for sure. Cant wait to watch CP2077 evolve and get better and better. Love what CDPR have accomplished here.

  9. This game is a perfect example of beauty, but no soul. These skyscrapers are amazing, than you realize these buildings are all static and serve 0 purpose. Its like water in a game where you can’t swim.

    Not to mention the first person gameplay is absolutely terrible.

    This game will never be good

  10. Even with its issues, I struggle to find a game that scratches the same itch that Cyberpunk does. It's become one of those games that I just keep coming back to because it truly does do a lot better than any other game, even if many games do a lot better than it too.

  11. Straight up one of my favourite games ever and that's saying a lot.
    I love the atmosphere, the music, the combat, the RPG elements, and I absolutely adore the story.

    I think the ultimate test for a game is not how fun it is to play in the moment, but how it stays with you after.
    When I think about Cyberpunk I think of the Panam romance, or nailing that dude on the cross, or the serial killer in the farm, or the mayoral candidate being brainwashed, or Johnny taking over your body and going wild.
    Impactful moments that stay with you forever.

    Most games only have one of those moments if you're lucky — like you being Revan in KOTR or the No Russian mission in MW — but Cyberpunk legitimately has too many to mention. I never played The Witcher but if it's anything like that then it's on my bucket list.

  12. It doesn't have "heavy focus" on story. Main quest + main story related side quests is very small part of the game Than there are side quests that are not related to main story but are good, well built. After that it's mostly ubisoft level "map" cleaning police quests + "gigs" – and damn, it's a slog to go through those. And Silverhand character sucks. Modders didn't add train system – unfinished train system was already in game, but it was not finished, so it was axed by the dev (most likely due to time constraints). Modders "finished" the job for the dev in that regard. I really doubt that lifepaths were false advertising by mistake. It most likely was supposed much bigger part of the game – but got axed and we were left with what we got (one quest in the beggining of the game for each lifepath + some useless dialogues sprinkled during othe missions of the game). Chase "parts" – you don't even have to do them – just wait – it doesn't relay on you shooting at all.

  13. A lot of people can't get over the bad launch and CDPR not delivering on the experience THEY expected, or THOUGHT it would be. Some people wanted it to be GTA, others wanted it to be an RPG to end all RPG's, but CDPR went with looter-shooter Witcher basically. There are many problems i have with this game, but i have to say that it's definitely one of those rare games have will stay forever with me and that have left a huge impact on me, all because of it's amazing story and characters.

  14. I waited and only bought the game once the Xbox series S version was released a year later. I fell in love with the world, the writing, the voice acting. Even on a Xbox series S it ran really well, there still are a few quirks to it but it’s a game I love.

  15. I got into cyberpunk this July after finally building a PC that could run it, despite having it on steam since day 1. I am a complete sucker for that whole aesthetic so I might be a little biased but honestly the last game that got me this deep into it's lore was borderlands 1 and 2 which are my 2 most favorite videogames of all time (cyberpunk now has a spot between those, maybe even above them). I literally kept playing it since 3pm to about 6am the day I started because of how good it felt and throughout my whole run, it honestly never dissapointed. Only thing that I really missed was car customization and animations of drinking at a bar after ordering a drink, instead of it just being a basic consumables vendor when not in a cutscene/quest. But everything considering the world design and the whole noir-ish 80s futurism vibe set in the ''modern world'' just felt so immersive (Especially with the GREAT,GREAT soundtrack and sound design as a whole, especially in the Voodoo Boys intro mission where you walk into the VB base with Placide and the ratatata song is blasting, with the view of the beach and abandoned mall just hit me different honestly.)Like I can see this unironically happening in the real world in some good 50 years or so from now on. I think that everyone that gave this game shit (and for a good reason, let's be honest here) should absolutely play it now, I am almost certain that they will change their mind. I just can't wait to start another playthrough when patch 1.6 comes out, I know I will never get that same feeling of playing it for the first time, but there's a lot of things I know I definitely missed, so I'm sure that there will be at least a piece of that feeling again.

    Seriously, if you haven't, go play this game now.

  16. Sometimes I don’t understand their thinking. The community wants the metro system but cdpr said they will not add it. Wouldn’t they generate more money and make more people happy if they did add it? I don’t understand.

  17. As someone who waited over a decade and followed the development of this game religiously and had game-breaking issues at launch, I just can’t seem to get myself to play this game. It just feels like such a half-assed version of what they promised us. Sure it had those moments where it shows off its potential brilliance, but I don’t think this is enough to call this game a “masterpiece” like so many like to gaslight others into believing. The game is a great time if you set your expectations low. This might be the most successful failure in gaming history. Just hope CDPR learns from this and gets the next one right.

  18. I bought the game on release for my ps4, the first few weeks were difficult, but even with crashing every few hours I was having the time of my life
    A part of me is glad I got to see the game slowly change from glitchy stuttering caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly it is today
    I just got a ps5 recently and this is the only game I've been playing on it


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