Cyberpunk 2077 – The "Big Update" Is A Total Disaster! Graphics Downgrades and New Bugs!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Update – The New Update Patch 1.1 is an absolute disaster. We’re going to talk about the game breaking bugs and graphics downgrade as well as new problems this patch has caused and also how to address some of these issues.

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37 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – The "Big Update" Is A Total Disaster! Graphics Downgrades and New Bugs!”

  1. Yeeeeeah. Honestly don't even see a change on my end. The nerfing of loot drops and fixing them is such a dumb decision. Their fault that the damn game is broken in the first place. Now you're stuck with whatever you can find. Finally finished the game on my first playthrough, and actually glad it's finally over. Now I can WAIT TWO FUCKING YEARS so I can do a proper new playthrough as intended, and even that I say loosely cause who knows what pther fuckery will happen between patches amd stuff. God, this is the biggest letdown ever seeing as gaming is my main hobby. Time to move on already. So disappointing.

  2. Double Bladed and Double Edged are two different things, one involves a fork like sword shape. Double edged is the same blade, think about it. It's Edge not Blade. I still think they should have made loading gates between the sectors in the game, rather then leave it open world. For PS4 and Xbox One or whatever the last generation is not up to date on Xbox considering their naming method is stupid as heck.

  3. Hope CDPR at least learns something from all of this crap for their next game. But knowing corporations they won't and we'd be doing the same thing again in 7 years time.

  4. I am not handling it at all. Played and beat the game multiple times before patch 1.1, I feel it’s not very replayable whatsoever. Not very much diversity in side missions, but the endings are what made me replay it in the first place.

  5. At game launch, the players be like "Look at all the exploits, CDPR SUCKS"

    After CDPR fixes the exploits, the players be like "CDPR fixed the exploits, CDPR SUCKS"

    I feel so bad for CDPR, lol

  6. you make it sound like they will be in legal trouble because if there such a way to force developers to fix their games every broken game that was ever released would have been fixed by now I am pretty sure that if someone from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Bethesda is watching your video they will be giggling non-stop Elder Scrolls 3 launched pretty broken too and even in its final patch it was still left broken but it was fixed by fans the Final Fantasy 7 for PC ported by Eidos barely worked and fans fixed that too If I were CDPR they should get those MODDING tools out and let the fans take over ala Bethesda as they have been relying on their fanbase to fix their broken games for so long now.

  7. If CDPR gives away the source code of their title, the modding community can fix ALL the game breaking bugs and glitches in a week, maybe less. Probably drop in more customization options too and fix the menu UI, all for FREE. Damn, this is just painful to watch 🙁

  8. Out of the frying pan into the fire lmfao Cdpr really screwed the pooch with this game. If this is how they fix things then I might as well go ahead and lay this game to rest. Even through the initial bugs, glitches, and poor optimization I was still having fun with a game this update literally just halted my progress and made the game unplayable. Out of all the things that left a sour taste in my mouth this one might be the last straw.

  9. Stuffed my copy back on a shelf just like no man's sky, I'll come back to it when they actually finish the game.
    Round of applause for Bethesda setting the standard that half a game is ok to release wtf?!


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