Cyberpunk 2077 – Something Incredible Just Happened & News From CD Projekt Red Dev Got Me Worried

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Something Incredible Just Happened & News From CD Projekt Red Dev Got Me Worried

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Screenshot by: gunshyghosts


34 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Something Incredible Just Happened & News From CD Projekt Red Dev Got Me Worried”

  1. The Police chases and the Wanted system is the real thing that is missing in Cyberpunk. They must not come up with any fantasy games…even i Assassins Creed they have Bounty Hunters coming after you.
    This is really one must have for a game in 2020. I still hope the Devs are really using their time for the big update and add features and polish the game so that not everywhere some bad implemented or missing AI and the complete lack of activities and random things are killing the immersion.
    I really pitty the gorgous creative world designers who gve us such a beautyful and detailed open world and then other people had to leave it lifeless and empty because of timing issues with the announced release…
    But i still hope that middle of 2022 there will be a reboot with integrated barber and tattoo shops, finished water physics and better AI…and some mini games at arcade mahines and additional appartments to buy for V….etc…

  2. I love this game, but the devs have once again let the fans down, and they need to rectify it. Not having police chases is absurd, and a bad explanation isn’t good enough, reverse course and fix/optimize or just allow for console mods…ffs this is absurd

  3. I haven't played the game yet because I've been waiting for a time when all the patches will fix it. These vids of cdpr seem like the world is empty. Where are the people walking on the streets or cars driving on the roads? Is this an option people are given to make tge game easier or did they really make an empty open world?

  4. Seeing this really upsets me. I was still rooting for this game since it's potential is high, but finding out that CDPR has basically already given up has made me lose faith. Good video!

  5. The fact that this is impressive makes me want to buy the game even less lmao takes a fan to make the game better instead of the developers, I’ll pass until I see them actually caring and giving us a good update.

  6. For me when this game first came out there were 3 major reasons why I did not buy it when it at launched, but I really REALLy want to play the game, so those three issues are: 1. Performance. At launch even the 30series Navidia and 6000 series AMD gpus had problems in this game but are mostly resloved by now except the ray tracing, I got a 1660ti so a 1080p graphics card and according to benchmarks it can do 40-50fps at high/ultra which fixes the this first issue
    2.Quality/immersion. At llaunch there were so many bugs that every youtuber I knew had a bug montage on this game, and so many features were cut or like the cops were reduced in functionality, mods fix alot of the bugs and add immersion back but its still not enough I watched a few lets plays and this issue still a but there holding back my decision.
    3. Critics Opinion. At launch so many negative reviews came out on this game and still after one year many more critical or negative one year reviews came out talking about cyberpunk 2077 progress it certinaly more positive from a year ago but still negative I think more comunitity issues need to be addressd first before I play.
    I am thinking buying cyberpunk this christmas or before elden ring or even until first expansion to see the new improvments CDPR proposed.

  7. -_- these devs are actually capping so hard.

    So, modders are able to provide fixes and additions to the game that the developers are saying is "too challenging". So, who are these devs exactly? Why are they getting hired on with salaries and not these actually competent modders that can do these things?

    So, I know that the modders are not contractually under any pressure to do these mods, no timeline and no other projects that they are obligated to do under the mess that is apparently CDPR's management team–and I understand that modders can only do so much with the engine. But c'mon, these guys are getting pathetic at this point.

  8. That dev is a useless weasel.
    And CDPR are beyond incompetant. That much is plain for everyone to see now.
    Witcher 3 was a fluke and it's clear the people they hired to work on that game have long since left the company.

  9. not technical limitation… Experience Limitation… they thought they were big-time Developers like Rockstar when they hit a jackpot on Witcher 3, but in the end, they have Money but they lack experience and talent.

  10. No Ciri storyline hidden in the game, no real police chases at all, broken AI, missing functions that they promised, branching storyline that is absolute bullshit and damn near non-existent, and a Metro System that they said was too difficult to do but some modder single-handedly knocked it out of the park and gets it working. CD projekt Red is showing their true colors and they are either disconnected from The Gaming Community or their greed has just become a huge problem or maybe it's a mixture of both. They are so oblivious to so many things that sometimes it's hard for me to believe that they'll actually give us the game that we were promised.

  11. so typically your spokesperson or community out reach guy is the most charming, excited person on your team…if that is the best they had then its no wonder the game sucks


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