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21 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: some cyber, no punk | Curio”

  1. If you want some more recommended reading/playing in the vein of Cyberpunk with more social awareness and outsider voices, check out Neofeud by Silver Spook.

  2. Sophie this fucks 😎
    I wish I had more to say, but this was so comprehensive that I'm kind of just left to stew in it. Def gonna re-watch this tomorrow, then probably the day after, and then again…

  3. "I bring up all these games not just to recommend them because you hogs never click on my videos about smaller games…"

    HEY, that's not fair! I watch all of your videos, and I watch them religiously, why are you being so mean? 😢

  4. I legitimately appreciate think pieces like these regarding the game.
    There's just too much Gamer(tm) thinking Cyberpunk, both as a genre and game series by Pondsmith, is a mythical being that have no problem or issues inherently and cannot be iterated away from their problems.

  5. 42:25 this is not actually a reference to Akira, but a reference to a Brazillian podcast called Jovemnerd. They made a trilogy roleplaying cyberpunk back in 2015, and somehow got so popular it got included here (Now, possibly the character referenced Akira, but that's not on 2077 though).
    Even if the rp had the orientalism problem, I'm still proud it got included in a triple-A, specially considering its humble begginings and passionate production.

  6. 27:45 you mean like how im not allowed to wear shorts in hundred fucking degree weather because my boss said so even though as a cashier the customers literally cant see the lower half of my body

  7. I didn’t want to write this but “orientalist fear” and “white people” oozes out of your gullet so I’m about to dismantle you and snorlax which is just a “representation” of a high blood pressure and a heart attack, that everyone doesn’t interpret cyberpunk with “orientalist fear.”

    8:30 You're assuming all political figures possess Xenophobia, which isn’t true because were all still alive and my skin doesn’t seem to have felt the impact of high levels of radiation, so capitalism seems to be working temporarily just fine.

    9:33 Incorrect. This is a science fiction story that exaggerates real world events. That’s like saying Reginald F Lewis
    had no influence on the market place and he was black.

    White people don’t determine the ideology of the free market cause the United States is an individualistic culture able to create businesses with all racial groups collectively. America helped rebuild Japan to fight Communism and wasn’t afraid of Japans economic boom even during the 1980’s.

    10:45 Every country, not just America, uses news to spread misinformation across the globe similar to your video with the function to create credibility and garner ratings.

    12:24 If Japan didn’t take over and Hawaii waged war and won, covering the world with metallic Green trees and cyber coconuts is that still considered fear mongering or just science fiction?

    20:51 You're using “runaway slave madness” to explain cyberpsychosis? It’s just someone who enhances there body to such an extent that they go mad. Regina attempts to rehabilitate the Cyberpsycho’s you are fighting to live better lives, if you were even paying attention to the story.

    I enjoy the comparisons of Disco elysium and truly is a remarkable game in respect to storytelling.

    I found the real reason for the video and it’s here 28:07. It would be shallow if this was the reason. I do enjoy your comparisons with philosophical ideas and your criticisms on storytelling. It’s late I need to sleep.


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