Cyberpunk 2077 – SNAFU with Hideshi Hino ( Ep 27 | Corpo Rat) 1.5

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Takemura went and did something daft, so they’re after us. Situation Normal, All Effed Up. Arasaka are coming for Hanako, and we have to flee. Also save Goro’s grumpy butt in the process.

This is still 1.52 footage, but the quest remains largely unchanged.

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – SNAFU with Hideshi Hino ( Ep 27 | Corpo Rat) 1.5”

  1. LOL…they always try to trick you into rush, rush, rush. I've learned to dump my loot, tune up my armour and even visit a ripperdoc to adjust my chrome before heading in to find Goro and Hanako… I want every advantage. YOU DIDN'T KNOCK 4 TIMES!!! One thing to remember about most of the principals in this story is that most of them are far older than they look…isn't Hanako 70 or older? Their motivations are far deeper than are obvious to us. A full-on assault seems like a very strange way to mount a rescue mission. Oh Johnny…always with the bad takes. I usually makes the most sense to just ignore what he wants you to do, esp. in situations like this. I always start off breaching the assault team…it really takes their edge off. A combo of quickhacks and riflery works best I find…the Buzzsaw SMG is also invaluable. Auuugh! Don't get lost in one of those dark side rooms…horrible trap! Heh…yeah, if the attackers in this game kept their mouths shut they'd often be harder to beat. Of course it's good battlefield practice to stay coordinated with your team members, but there needs to be a limit. Once again, a full-out assault is not a good way to rescue somebody. It's actually comical how many enemies persistently look the wrong way when you encounter them. Why was that last guy guarding the door like that? So innocent civilians didn't wander into an intense firefight? A motel in the middle of nowhere is exactly what you want for secret assignations. Maybe the liquor laws are different just outside town. Who knows? It doesn't excuse the terrible maintenance tho'… AGAIN…Johnny with the bad takes. He is the worst tactician in gaming. She's not going to go away. Bah…Hanako knew the score all along. She's manipulating V here..he's too young and dumb to realize it. Of course Goro didn't realize it either. Hanako is alone? Doesn't have her own power base within Arasaka? Totally unbelievable. She may look 20-something, but she's had 50 years to prepare for her father's death. It would have been interesting if V and Hanako had a few more convos over that private line. Hmmm…have to try giving her a call… Yeah, a wave of 'Saka attacker would be much easier to deal with than a doll… Johnny's anti-corporate rants are some of Keanu's best voice acting, IMO. The game's political viewpoints are very interesting too. Johnny isn't deliberately taking over V…that's the difference between the construct and Arasaka. The fact he wants to stop the process takes him off the villain list, IMO. A very flawed nobility, but nobility of a sort. [sigh] I have to get my Discord straightened out. See you there, maybe.

  2. You can photobomb Gillean Jordan when she's giving her news report, but is that aired somewhere afterwards? I was standing in a shot, she scolded at me but continued afterwards, so I hoped to see myself on TV. Never did 🙁

  3. Back to Bug… Since we were going against Arasaka, it is possilbe she got hit with a Soulkiller and trapped in Mikoshi. Which would mean she is part of Alt's bunch now.


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