Cyberpunk 2077 Secret Iguana Pet Easter Egg (NEW Patch 1.5 DLC Content)

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Cyberpunk 2077 Iguana Pet Easter Egg Tutorial (NEW Patch 1.5 DLC Content)

Here is a tutorial on how to exactly get the Iguana egg and how to hatch it so you can have your very own Iguana pet in your apartment!


Intro – 0:00
How To Get The Egg – 0:27
Place The Egg In The Bowl – 0:57
Wait For It To Hatch – 1:22
Iguana and Nibbles Together – 1:58


15 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Secret Iguana Pet Easter Egg (NEW Patch 1.5 DLC Content)”

  1. Playing as street kid. Completely finished game and all extra bullshit. I have all the decorations in apartment including River game, Buddhist dream catcher, statue and wind chimes. Save was from last year. Went back into Konpeki and got egg. Plate was there when I went into apt.

  2. This is for every type of character you can still glitch inside konpeki plaza just go on the highway park your car next to the fence jump on the palm tree and you hould be in next go around to the back call your car put it next to the back door and walk over your car and wedge your character between em you should the pop into konpeki plaza and the door will be gone then you just follow your way back to the pool area and use the bonzai tree to jump on the roof then just walk and jump your way to the room and take the egg if you want to get out simply go back the way you entered and go to the left side of the building there should be a wall you can jump over into the water and swimm to shore P.S you need the fortified ankles and you can go up to pick up the sword and data shard too. If you gonna hatch the egg go to your appartment put the egg down go to the weapon shop and keep checking on the egg every 15 day's you skip

  3. Well adding things like this, still makes me think CDPR , killing our characters off, was not thought through properly, may be should have given V the option not to get the chip, or insert it in her head, or even kill DeX first. Instead of forcing us all to basically RP as some old film star.


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