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Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Cyberpunk 2077 Release vs Patch 2.0 | Physics and Details Comparison

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48 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Release vs Patch 2.0 | Asmongold Reacts”

  1. Love they decided to abandon last gen instead of actually optimising it. The game was supposed to be a last gen only game ffs with an update, but it runs like crap on those consoles

  2. I tested the last example myself yesterday, npcs will actually walk around the car if there's enough space for them to pass through, which wasn't the case in this video because they're not scripted to walk on the road (unless threatened)

  3. The game is def way more polished now, but I guess some of these bugs would just take too much effort to fix. For example, fixing the NPCs driving on the road or walking on the street would require to re-map all pathways of the npcs throughout the whole city and possibly make it way more complex. That's just too much effort to fix a small immersion breaking bug.

  4. I played it for the first time yesterday and already saw a random NPC floating in the air and nearly died just by walking against my own car lol but other than that the story is pretty sick

  5. It's honestly hilarious how releasing a broken game and then eventually fixing it is something that's being applauded now. Companies are able to get away with so much these days and people will still buy it and cheer them on. I won't ever be buying this game personally.

  6. Wow, nearly 3 years from release and they added/fixed something that a normal game should have had on release. And still isn't a good enough game to justify this insane hype for Phantom Liberty. Like "oh wow, now cops are better!1!!1!" like bruh, being excited for a game to work properly (and after 3 years of patches btw) is just lowering your expectations so much that companies (even good companies like CDPR) can sell you unthinkable and messy games/products and still being told "yeah, it's alright".

  7. i remember being so disappointed when i fought max tac, after watching the anime i was absolutely hyped for an actual challenge….and then i just ended up slicing them all into ribbons until they gave up and stopped sending max tac lol….

  8. Those all sound like good changes (the cops especially), but did they change any of the existing missions at all?
    Like, is there any point to me replaying the story? Or are all those missions and interactions the same?
    I went full Int/Tech at release trying to be a smart hacker man, and I felt like all that amounted to was “turn off the cameras” over and over. Did they add new dialogue with new skill checks or anything? THATS what I wanted fixed. Not the funny bugs; the generic mission structure.

  9. I will be playing this game with a RTX 4080, in a 27 inch monitor 170hz, and so far I was testing it with max settings and RT overdrive (DLSS balanced) getting about 65-75 fps and Max settings and RT overdrive (DLSS Quality, and FG on) getting about 90-125 fps. And to be honest besides FPS being higher when using FG on, I did not see a difference at all🤣. Which option would you recommend me guys? Or do you have a different suggestion?

    Thanks in advance!

    PD:Yes, I did have Ray reconstruction turned on in both scenarios

  10. im gonna wait for the game of the year edition, hopefully by then we have new mods fixing the rest of the game and a gpu other than 4090 that can play full path traced cyberpunk.

  11. Sure, there are alot of fixes. . . but most of the big changes, like in witcher 3 "next gen", were already modded into the game, by as much as a year, prior!
    It's great that CDPR don't run away from their projects, but credit MUST be made to the modders for fixing most of these half-assed ideas!


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