CYBERPUNK 2077 "REBOOT" REVIEW – 50 Hours of Many Emotions & Changes in Phantom Liberty & Patch 2.0!

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★ CD Projekt Red has detailed the big finale of Cyberpunk 2077 which includes a massive overhaul of the entire gameplay experience & tons of new features/changes coming in Phantom Liberty. ★
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22 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 "REBOOT" REVIEW – 50 Hours of Many Emotions & Changes in Phantom Liberty & Patch 2.0!”

  1. I remember 3 years ago when I played the game and said "It's great but Ill wait a bit for it so that they can add new stuff" and I went on to play RDR2.
    3 years later, we're finally here, lets gooooo.

  2. I havent touched this game for a long time. Havent finished it and to be honest I was very disapointed when it was released. How this game was promoted back in 2018 and 2019 I was stupid to ride on the hype train. The story was very good but not what I was expecting based on what CDPR was promoting. Im gonna wait for some more footage of the 2.0 patch and Phanthom dlc.

  3. I actually really enjoyed 2077 even on release. I could barely play it due to performance issues and there were lots of bugs and yet, i still had quite a bit of fun. Completed the whole thing.
    Then again, i also immensely enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda on release, so maybe i'm just dumb.


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