Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracing ON Vs OFF 1440p | RX 6900 XT | Ryzen 7 5800X

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Check out how Cyberpunk 2077 Performs using Psycho Settings Vs Ray Tracing at Ultra at a resolution of 2560x1440p With the AMD RX 6900 XT and Ryzen 7 5800X. Smart Access Memory was enabled.

My PC Specification
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X PBO2 Cure Optimizer Negative 25 +200MHz Off Set
Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite Motherboard
XFX MERC 319 Speedster Black RX 6900 XT
EK Quantum Velocity Block Magicool 750ML Reservoir and Pump, 280mm XSPC Radiator
AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.11.3
32GB DDR4 4400Mhz Patriot Viper Steel
Samsung B-die Tuned to 3733Mhz CL14-14-14-28 1867Mhz “IF” Corsair HX1000i PSU | Cougar Panzer Evo RGB ATX Case.
TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 480GB
Samsung 480GB 850 EVO
SanDisk 256GB
Samsung 128GB M.2
Samsung “55” Q6FN QLED


15 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracing ON Vs OFF 1440p | RX 6900 XT | Ryzen 7 5800X”

  1. A lot of the shadows and reflections are more accurate with DXR because the roughness setting on materials affects reflections. However, in these scenes, that results in a visually less impressive side-by-side than DXR off. With conventional reflections and lighting, you might get a really appealing reflection here that's less material accurate that you don't get with DXR.

    DF did a good comparison in this game. The real benefit here with DXR is ambient occlusion is much improved. Most of the rest of the DXR effects are expensive, but it necessarily "better." We really need to have a broader install base of hardware-accelerated ray tracing cards before devs can start designing games with ray tracing in mind.
    As for consoles, this gen can technically do it, but not well. It's like last gen XOX and PS4 Pro can technically do 4k, but as well as this gen. Good ray tracing is still a next gen thing.

  2. Did some more testing since the last video. SSR & AO both aren't applied when RTL or RTR (respectively) are on, I tested it with every step of each setting, but importantly the performance doesn't get affected either. What's interesting is that RTR doesn't work properly overall, the easiest way to spot this is for example if you go to Wakako and stare at the table, if you move the camera down so that she's out of the frame then the reflection of Wakako in the table is properly raytraced but if she's in the frame then it reverts to some kind of almost-SSR reflection and it looks much worse (even with SSR off). Also very evident in puddles near light sources like ad-screens if you pan the camera to the edges of the frame while holding the puddle in frame. Sadly not even ini tweaks can fix this, so not sure if they just nerfed it for performance reasons or if it's broken or if it's an issue for AMD cards only.

    What I will say though is that the biggest difference maker in this game visually is HDR (and by far and away even compared to all RT put together) and it just isn't obvious until people play with it on/off as well, particularly on a nice TV, even tho it doesn't have perfect blacks and all that. For whatever reason SDR looks fine on video on youtube but when I compare it in game, particularly sunny days, it's like a whole 'nother experience altogether. Besides that the combination of extra lighting from light sources with RTL on + HDR is just on another level. I honestly feel like playing without HDR makes the game way worse looking & feeling to a significant degree, such that people who aren't experiencing it in HDR (and preferably also 21:9 + FOV 100) are playing a very gimped version.


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